Monday, February 7, 2011

The hospital tour and other baby ramblings

I was definately excited to be able to see the hospital where we have to go when the time is right. She basically answered all of my questions without me having to ask them and all the other people were asking questions to so everything I wanted to know was covered. It's good to finally know where we go when I go into labor. We just go to emerg and then walk straight over to this one desk. We don't have to see the triage nurse or anything. From there they will take us up to the mat ward where we go into this one room and will be monitored etc to see where we are at. She said we would probably spend at least a few hours in there before being transferred to a labor and delivery room. It all depends on where we are at when we get there.

From there the labor and delivery room is where we will be until up to a few hours after baby is born. They are private rooms and they are pretty nice. The have big windows so you can look outside etc. She said the last one (I think there was 8 or 9 of them) they like to call the penthouse. lol. She said its the nicest once since two walls are all windows and it has a great view. It's just the luck of the draw on which room you get. Each room also has a washroom but unfortunately we are not allowed to use the shower or the bathtub since when the built it they put the tubs in wrong so it's like dangerous for unsteady prego women to get in and out of them. Way stupid if you ask me. If we want to do either we have to ask the nurse and it may be possible because one of the rooms has a proper shower and I think one of them has a safe bathtub in it. I like how the baby doesn't not leave your room unless of course they need to do further testinng/observation. It's really nice to have the baby in the same room as you.

There are always a few nurses on staff that our good with breastfeeding so that is good as well. In this room we can get a card for internet , phone and tv. All rooms have it's own mini laptop like thing with a tv monitor (well the monitor dubs as both tv and the computer monitor) and a phone attached. I think for all three its like 13 bucks a day. Tv and net is 5 each and the phone is 3. We are also allowed in here to use our cell phone and take photos. We are also allowed to bring whatever with us to make us more comfy, extra pillows music etc. She said after the birth we would probably be in here for a few hours and then transferred to the last room of our stay - either semi private or private, until we are realeased. If you go semi private you can only have vistors in during visiting hours. Even chris can't stay with me all the time. If it's private you can have one person stay with you all the time and overnight. I definately want a private room though. Baby will be in here with you and you have a huge shower and bathroom in each room. You can wheel baby closer to the bathroom door so you can always see baby if you are in the room by yourself and want to take a shower. I think we have partial insurance - we have to double check though. If we do it's only about 30 a day for the private room if not then it's like 100 a day. So yeah hope we do have some coverage on that! If not I guess I will hope I don't have to share my room with anyone!

It was a good tour. At the end she showed us how after we are in and registered, Chris can come and go without having to go to the emerg room at least during the day. He will have wrist band as well. If for some reason baby has to go into the other room we have access to baby 24/7. Hopefully baby will not have to go in there! I want her with me all the time :)

I have to say I am starting to get nervous about what to expect. I wish I was in better shape then I was. I just had no energy at the start to keep working out - I was already soooo exhausted before being prego. Then as it progressed I started to worry about doing something I shouldn't and hurting baby. I only had three hours between waking up and going to work as well so I really didn't have anytime to relax at all. Now though even walking down the stairs to the basement and then up them a few minutes later here at the house has me winded! I can't wait to get back to working out after baby is here. I want my body back!

Sleeping is starting to really suck to. In general my pregnancy has been pretty good. No sickness or at least minimal side effects. But the getting up twice a night to pee is sucking - although it's probably a good thing because I will have to do that when baby needs to be fed so it won't be any different. Might be more often though. I usually wake up around the same two times every night depending on when I went to bed. Now though which ever side I am sleeping on when I wake up my leg is aching! It's annoying to find a comfy position! I have been using a pillow between the legs or a body pillow along my body to make things more comfy. It does seem to help but then when I have to get up to go to the washroom it really sucks. I also have to be careful not to wake myself up to much when I do this or I can't fall back asleep for like every! grrr

My back has also been hurting a lot lately. I think it's just tired from all the weight in the front. Even sitting on the couch isn't comfy anymore :( I definately don't like laying down on the couch anymore because it's so hard to get up! Also to the right of my belly button has been hurting as well. Not constantly but every now and then. Something to mention to the doc this friday. I'm so ready for baby to come but not ready at the same time. I need to get the mattress done and finish packing what to bring to the hospital! It's exciting though at the same time. I'm not sure how I will do with the pain though! I am hoping I need as little meds as I can. I hate taking anything for pain anyway but I guess we will see.


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