Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day and other baby rambles

aww Chris brought home the cutest diary queen ice cream cake today after work :) It's cute! hehe I had already hinted at getting one and we were going to stop on the way home on saturday but since we had the chair in our trunk and we couldn't really see anything, we didn't. So he mentioned he might get one on monday and he remembered. Awww. I haven't had one of these in forever! They are soo good!!

Last night my lower side was really bothering me all night long. It was stabbing pain alot and fairly constant. I don't know if was how I was laying or if baby was laying into something or what but it was freaking me out. I also have been worried about baby's movements. I don't know I think because it's getting to the end I am so scared something bad is going to happen and feel like if it does maybe I should have noticed or something. I need to remember that I really didn't feel baby move around a whole lot before so yeah. I still won't feel 100% okay until baby is delievered and hear baby cry her lungs out. This last little bit seems so long! The pain though in my side is not any worse then it was yesterday so I decided to hold off on calling the doc office. I also figured even if I did call them my appointment is friday and I doubt they could get me in before then anyways. I was reading online and it seems like other mothers have experienced the same thing. It could be something worse but for the most part it is normal. So it will just be something I mention to the doc on friday. I guess if it really does get bad then I could either call the doc office, teleheath or the labour and delivery and see what they think. But as of right now I don't think it's bad enough to. Ugh I just hate this constant worrying. I just want baby to be okay! I'm getting anxious to meet baby though but at the same time I feel like I am not ready! Yikes. (I did do a kick count and I think I counted 10 movements etc in the first 30 mins of doing it so that is good, but I still worry)

I definately have been feeling the shift in emotions that some of the books describe. Like one minute your so ready to take on this responsibility and the next your so overwhelmed and you feel like you won't be able to do it or not ready. I guess baby is coming no matter what. My friend Aud assures me that once you see baby for the first time any doubts like that or feelings just fly away and your motherly instincts kick in. She said and before you know it baby is old enough to be going to kindergarten. lol. I'm definately nervous about labor since it will probably be a long one. I'm not sure how I will cope with the pain etc. It sucks even more that you just don't know when it will begin until it does! Basically anytime now! Yikes in less then 4 weeks baby will be here!!! Crazyness!


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