Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monkey's room

Today Chris finished painting the second coat of green in the room. It didn't take him that long at all. He had it mostly covered anyways. He made me come in and see if there were any spots that he missed. There were a few that he touched up. There are a lot of spots that bug me though since he got green paint on either the ceiling or the trim! I think he still should have taped. But whatever I prolly be the only one to notice that and I am probably being way to picky. LOL

Later on he moved my drafting table and all things that don't belong in the babies room back down into the basement. So that he could move stuff around in there. So we have the change table right by the door and the dresser right beside it. On the other side we will put the crib. Without all that stuff in the middle and stuff out of the room that didn't belong, the room looks HUGE! Insane!


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