Monday, February 28, 2011

Doc appointment..

Today I got showered and got ready and tried calling the doc office at 12:30 to see if he was going to be in but got a busy signal. So I was just going to wait for five minutes and try again, but two minutes later the phone rang. It was the doctor's office, she was calling to say that he wasn't going to make it in today and that she needed to reschedule me for tommarrow but it was going to be like at 4 or something. Which was fine.

Mom called around 8:30 or so to see how I made out lol which of course I had nothing to tell her since I hadn't gone. I told her what happened and that I had to go in tommarrow. She told me that Jeremy said I will have the baby on the 5th since that is his birthday lol and my Aunt was saying that the full moon was on the 17th so I will have it then! Mom was like I don't think she will want to go that long! LOL NOPE! hehe :)


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