Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baby Mattress pad and other ramblings

Today definately was boring since Chris has to be gone most of the day for the trivia games. I did finally get my butt going on sewing together the baby mattress pad, but not until almost the end of the day. I had already made the pattern and cut the pieces out a while ago. I bought wayyyy to much material for it though. I was going by directions I found on the net which said to get 1.5 yards of material. I should have took my calculations on the size of the mattress and figured out how much I needed from that. Whoops. Oh well at least I had some extra if I screwed up or something. I can also I guess make some change pads or something with the left over. I think the material is so cute! All the tiny baby foot prints!

I was originally going to put a zipper on one of the ends and then once it was all put together we could slip the foam into it. Yeah well I tried to put the zipper in and it was a pain in the ass! I have to say, I don't know how many times I jabbed myself with pins trying to get the material to cooperate!, it looked alright. Except when we checked to make sure it would work before sewing the rest together we discovered it was still not wide enough for the foam to go through easily. I could just see us trying to shove the foam in (which does not bend easy considering its two inches thick and really hard) so I was like no that will not work. So after thinking about it for a moment I was like I will just make one end piece wider and only sew it to one side at that end then have it fold around to the bottom and use velcro or something to hold it down. That way it will be easy to get off etc. So that is what I did. Pinning the pieces together was sort of a pain but it went okay. I rememered not to sew to each end completely so that when I put the other side on it worked out alright. It was nice to be able to flip it right side out at the end and see that I did a pretty good job. It's a bit loose on the mattress pad but it works. 

When Chris put it into the cradle it was really snug so I have no worries now. I think we will just use some receiving blankets for a mattress cover on it. We checked bassinett covers that we saw in zellars but they were an inch to short on either side and really it was a top sheet anyways. It just wouldn't work. But like mom said baby isn't going to move around to much at first and when baby does we will probably already have him or her in the crib. I was glad to finally get that done and out of the way. It's nice that it's water proofish because of the type of material it is.

I also have been having sharp stabbing pains in my lower right side of my belly. Really close to the top of my leg. Not really cool. It randomly happens, it's not just when I move or shift position I can just be sitting and it happens. I'm not sure if its just round ligament pain or what. My doc appointment on friday seems to be way to freaking long from now. I guess if it's worse tommarrow or continues to do it all the time I can always call the doc office and see what they think.

I also woke up with my left wrist hurting and discovered I have a really small sharp bump on my wrist bone on the inside of my wrist. WHAT THE HELL!! Seriously :(, so it's sore when I do anything. I couldn't even crochet for more then 10 mins at a time and even typing a lot makes it more stiff. I used to get those big bumps on the top of my wrist on that hand randomly and it would hurt for about a week or so and then go away. So I am hoping this is the same thing (I forget what it's called) and go away because really since I'm so close to my due date I really can't or don't want to just pick up and go see my family doctor to see what it is. Even if I did call it would be a  few weeks probably before I could go see him and that would be like right on my due date and yeah being in a car travelling an hour both ways just isn't going to happen. So it better get better soon since I need my hand and wrist especially when baby is here!! geeeez


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