Thursday, February 24, 2011

Doc Appointment...

Today I had my doctor appointment with the other doc since mine was on holidays. It was nice to meet him. He is quite chatty/joky, I found it a bit awkward but okay. It was the same old same old really. The nurse checked my urine, my blood pressure and my weight. He measured my belly and listened to the heart beat and checked to see if baby was head down. He asked if baby was moving and said that if I was ever worried to do the whole 6 movements in 2 hour thing and if it's less then that to go to the hospital for a stress test. Seriously I am always worried about this and constantly think baby is not moving as much as before. But so far everytime I do the test baby moves more then 6 times. So yeah. I've been worried about that for along time and everytime baby's heart beat is the same so must be okay.

He said that the heart rate when he was checking went up to 140-150's and that is a sign of a good strong healthy fetus. So that made me feel better, although I am still worried about baby movements. I think mostly that we are so close I don't want anything to happen! He also checked my cervix since I am now over 38 weeks. That wasn't comfortable. It is not dilated at all but he said that it is soft so that is good. So something is happening. He was pretty confident that I would make it to my next appointment with my doc and like he said you won't be giving birth out in the parking lot. lol. So it was a short check up as usual :)

So I made my appointment for next week and the only day she had was monday! She said it's because my doc and the one I seen today have to cover at the hospital for another doctor who is going on holidays next week so they lost tues and wed for appointments. She told me though at around 12pm or so to give her a call to make sure he is going to be in since he is going to be at the hospital in the morning. My appointment for was 1:45 or so. It's so weird that it's so soon after this one and this one was weird enough considering it felt like friday and it's only thrus. All my other appointments have been fridays!


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