Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wally world

We got up today and went to wally world. I think this is probably the last weekend I will go out for to long. I wanted to check the prices of the glider and ottoman set since walmart's website on our location said that they were $150. I really kick myself for not getting it a few weekends ago when it was on sale! So we get there and grab a few things we needed to get and head to the baby section to look at their stuff there. We see that the display glider/ottoman set is there and it has a tag on it that says it's $150. I was like cool they are $150. But when I looked at the ones in the boxes it says they are $199.00. I look at the display again and see that it was orginally $199 but they reduced it down to $150 and then on the paper that was on it said to sell it at $100 because it is the floor model. Now it's in really good shape. It's just dirty, which with our green machine would be super easy to clean (and really it's not THAT dirty). So we wander around the baby section trying to find someone to help us but of course there is no one there. So we went over a section and I found someone there. She came over and scanned the ones in boxes and said that they were $199 and said that the display is $100 because it is the display and dirty. We decide of course to take it. So she gets someone to help bring it to the front and calls whoever she has to talk to to make sure it's $100 and not $150. Once she talks to whomever she verifies it is $100 and then maked a new tag for us so that they do scan it at $100 at the cash.

So after the two gift cards we got from the baby shower we got a glider/ottoman set for the babys room for $25 bucks. Pretty nice I have to say! Some of those sets go for like $300 etc at other places. Right now we will put it in our room so I have somewhere to feed the baby in the middle of the night. It will be way better then trying to do that on the bed, especially if Chris is trying to sleep. It is pretty comfy as well which is good.

Unfortunately it was a bitch to get it in the car! Because the bottom legs were to long it wouldn't go into the back seat nor really fit into the trunk. So we basically had to put it in the trunk as best as we could and Chris then had to go back in and get some bunjy cords and some rope. It was so freaking cold out that day!! It was sunny out but so windy. We were parked in front of the store so I felt like a tool while waiting for him to come out. I was standing out of the car at first but then got in since it was way to cold. He finally came out after what seemed like years. It was so busy that it took him awhile to get through the check out line. Then it took another 10-15 mins to get the trunk tied down. Finally we got to go home. I felt like such a nub as I'm sure Chris did to. It was good that we just had to go straight home since we couldn't see out the back window. We got home no problemos. I think that was really the last big purchase we needed to make. I like that I have somewhere comfy to sit now.

So we relaxed at home for awhile and then Chris started the first coat of paint in the babys room. It's a nice shade of green! I like it and the best part is that the paint didn't give off any paint smell so the house didn't stink afterwards. It took him forever to paint though, the one wall with the windows he had to just use the paint brush since there wasn't enough room for the roller. But he got it covered pretty well. The second coat will go much fast. It looks really good in there. We just have to figure out how to put curtains up since the middle window is tricky. I love it. It just sucks that tommarrow Chris will be gone all day long and I will be at home bored :(


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