Friday, February 11, 2011

Doc appointment...

The doctors appointment today at 3:15 went well. Same old same old. We had no concerns or worries. They did the normal stuff, check urine, check blood pressure, checked my weight, measure the belly and listen to the baby's heart rate. I guess it's was around 140 (does that mean it's a girl!!). The only concerns I had were that my hands seemed to be semi swollen now, but he assured me that is normal and since my blood pressure etc it is probably just a normal prego symptom and not a cause of concern (swollen hands feet legs face etc can be a symptom of preeclampsia but since all other things are normal that is not what it is). I had put my rings on before Chris came home to pick me up and they were fine at first but by the time we got to to the building they felt sort of tight and were really hard to get off. Usually they feel really lose. So I was just hoping that by the time we got home I'd be able to get them off! The other thing was that I had been feeling pains beside my belly button and had lots of pain in my lower stomach - especially when getting up and walking after sitting /laying for awhile and when I turn over in bed. He said it's just because your carrying extra weight and your belly is so big it's pulling stuff when it normally doesn't pull if I wasn't prego. He told me just to support it when doing any of these things. Also the pain by my belly is sort of the same thing. My belly button is not used to being an outy (it's mostly out but still an inny) so that when I shift or baby kicks or hits that spot (which baby always does) then that is probably the cause. Like anything though he said to let him know if it becomes unbearable and he did mention to me again that I can take tylenol if I need to.

So we set our appointment for the following friday. I guess the week after that he is off so I will be seeing a different doctor that week. My doc told me that basically I can go into labour anytime. I'm 36.5 weeks along so if I do go into labour it won't be to big of a deal as  if it happened in my 8th month. He said of course you want baby to cook in there as long as possible. It's crazy to think that I have reached the point of where it can happen anytime!! I also got the registration forms for the hospital. I find it funny that it says on there to bring them in at least 12 weeks before! whoops! but to be fair it's not like they gave them to me or remembered to and I only found out on the tour that you can do that! So too bad for them. Really what are they going to do turn me away! The receptionist just told me to bring them in next appointment and she can fax it to them and give me the originals to put into my hospital bag. That way they will have everything ready for when it is time to go there. I'm glad that I asked considering I thought they would mention it to me at some point! I would have been wrong that's for sure! That would have sucked getting to the hospital and not having our insurance info etc. I definately want a private room, that way Chris can stay with me all the time if he wants to. If it was a shared room I think he can only be there during visiting hours. I know he wouldn't be allowed to stay over night if I needed him to. The thought that I would have to share the room with another person with her baby and their visitors etc yeah just wouldn't feel to comfortable with that.

After the appointment we went to chinese food buffet for Valentine's celebration. It was really good. But so filling. There was so much food there it was nuts! Sooo many chicken dishes that were awesome! I was so stuffed afterwards! It was good though. I have been wanting Chinese food for awhile now so it was the perfect time to go. Chris has that thing that his boss does every year on sunday so we though friday would be a good time to go eat for our Valentine's celebration considering monday Chris works and everywhere probably would be insane to go to on monday night. Just so much more relaxing this way!

After that we went to zellars to look at baby stuff since stuff was on sale again. We really didn't see to much. I did see a winnie the poo mobile but meh it was like 50 bucks or something like that. Something to think on. Plus Winne and Co are the classic look as apposed to the current look. We were also considering purchasing a swaddle blanket thing for baby once baby comes home but then I decided that really baby probably won't be in it for that long and it's easy to swaddle a newborn in anything and since we have a million recieving blankets and blankets we can just use them instead of paying 20 bucks for one. After that we went home to relax!


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