Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The long weekend..

The long weekend went by way to fast like it always does, which sucks but at least Chris has a short work week this week.

Saturday we got moving later then I thought we would since Chris got up with the baby and let me sleep a few hours extra. (aww so nice :) Then by the time we got everything ready and I fed monkey again it was almost 2 before we left the house! I had hoped to be able to almost completely finish monkeys wall and a few other random things I wanted to get done but that didn't happen. We went to Wally World then Canadian Tire since Chris needed a drill bit that we didn't have to be able to put up the toilet paper holders and towel racks. We were going to go get some more cat litter and go to the small mall but it was getting late by this time and I had to fed monkey again soon. I will never be a comfortable breastfeeding in public and will avoid it at all costs. I would have brought some expressed milk but I was saving it for the next day.

I did manage to get some of the round leaves painted on in one of the orange colours before it was time to start her bedtime routine. We have been putting her to bed at 7 now, sometimes she nurses to sleep and stays asleep, other times she wakes up and it takes about an hour to get her to fall completely back asleep again. I am hoping once I read the no cry nap solution that once she gets a good amount of sleep during the day so that at night it will be easier to put her to sleep. We were putting her to bed at 8 but she just seemed way over tired then and it was even harder to get her to sleep so we moved her bedtime up. It's nice having 3 or 4 hours at night to ourselves just the down fall is that I am up now at 6:30 -7 and it sucks. I love sleeping in lol. I need to go to bed earlier, 11 pm is a little to late sometimes. It's hard though when I am used to going to bed between 11-2am so yep. Not only does monkey need to learn how to sleep, mummy also needs to learn to go to sleep earlier and can no longer be a night hawk!

Sunday we got up and got ready and went to see HARRY POTTER!  We have seen every other Harry Potter movie in the theater and we definitely wanted to see the last one there but we weren't sure how that was going to happen because of monkey. They do have parents with kids showings but that is on Thurs at 1pm plus we figured it would be to loud for her poor little ears. So Tam and Steve came up to watch her for a few hours. The movie was really good, sad of course but they didn't dwell on the deaths and we didn't actually see them happen like in the book so that was good. Since it's been out a few a bit and we went to the non 3D first showing of the day , there was hardly anyone in the theater. I hate sitting in a crowded theater so I was happy. I was worried about leaving her for a few hours and afraid that she was going to cry on them the whole time, especially since we had a hard time getting her to take a nap. She slept for maybe 20-30 mins, but she was okay. I fed her just before we left and Tam had 9 oz of milk for her that I expressed the few days before, so three bottles worth. They only needed to use one :) and I just fed her when we got back. I guess the only time that she got a bit grumpy and cried was around when it was time for her to eat.

Tammy also brought up the Dr.Seuss books so we have books to read monkey, well we did get a couple books from the baby shower. We had gotten a few board books from the library but they aren't the same as Dr.Seuss. They bring back memories :) My favorite was always Go Dogs Go! Especially when they go up into the tree. LOL. Not really sure why it was my fav. I'll have to ask mom.

Monday we stayed in the house and did a whole lot of nothing. I don't even know where the day went! We spent a fair chunk trying to get monkey to take a nap geez! I also read a bunch of the Game of Thrones by George RR Martin. (sooo good! I've read it before and with watching the HBO show I felt the need to reread them and also considering a new one in the series just came out!) We also cleared a space in the basement and put the carpet thing we got from Chris's boss on the floor and made a workout area down there.

And now it's Tues :( already... 


So Monkey was being cranky and it had only been an hour since I fed her last. She wasn't going to sleep in her swing so I thought what the hell, I will go into her room try rocking her for a bit and turn on her sleep music and you know what?, in less then 15mins the little monkey was asleep! I even was able to transfer her to her crib without bringing her fully awake! I am in shock. I have no idea how long she will sleep for but we will see! This is the first time she is taking a  nap in her crib! I hope she doesn't think its nighttime. That is the only thing I am worried about with her music playing, but I think she needs some white noise since there is still construction going on down the road. I'm still in shock! I hope she gets a good amount of sleep and none of this 30 mins nap crap. Cat naps for babies = not good.


So her nap earlier was short lived. She did sleep for about 20-30 mins but then I heard movement. I waited for a min but still heard it so I went in quickly hoping to catch her and lull her back to sleep. Nope, she was playing with her blanket. So I tried rocking her again and it worked but I think I tried to put her into her crib to soon because she was wide awake again. I tried rocking her again but she got to cranky so I gave up and brought her out. She played on the floor then got cranky again so I tried feeding her. She of course fell asleep on both sides so I know she was tired. I tried putting her back into the crib and that lasted about 2 - 4 mins where she started crying again. So now she is back out in her swing. I will see if she will nod off. I can't wait till Chris gets home because I am getting frustrated. I just need like an hour to myself!! ahhh


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