Saturday, August 6, 2011

She rolled over! She was playing on her mat and we looked over and she was on her belly! Her underarm was still in the way but she was completely over and on her belly. She tried to get her arm into a more comfortable position for a bit and then got frustrated so Chris helped her a bit. She seems to have no trouble rolling back to her back but that might be because she had her arm in a way that was easy for her to do so.

Yesterday after Chris got home from work we went for a walk around the area. We went and got the mail and then just sort of winged it the rest of the time. We were out for about an hour so it was a good walk. I thought maybe it would tire Monkey out but it really didn't to much. It's nice because here you can go around where its flatter or go up some hills to get a better work out just depends what you want to do. I can't wait until the have our front yards done and have sidewalks in and there won't be big huge stones everywhere! Poor monkey gets bounced around all the time. Once we got back and before she went to bed, Chris pulled the mattress out and put it back downstairs. We have been sleeping in her room for the last few weeks because I wasn't ready to have her not in the same room as me. Also it was the first time she was in her crib so I was nervous. I was just going to sleep in our room and have it there just in case but I changed my mind and figured I shouldn't even give myself the option of being able to curl up on the ground in there. So he brought it downstairs. I think having her in bed by 7-8pm everynight has really helped me though since I am used to not being beside her all the time. Although some nights I still go in and check on her a lot and some nights only a few times. So it just depends.

I also dream fed her before we went to bed last night to see if it helped. The few nights before I have been having a hard time getting her to go back to sleep in the middle of the night. That was the only thing we changed so we decided to try it again and last night was so much better. Also Chris wasn't like shifting on the bed/or me and waking her up with our noise. I have to say it was nicer on my back not sleeping on the ground. I wish it would stop hurting. I almost died a few times on our walk yesterday because my back just would not stop hurting! I forgot how squishy our bed was :) She only woke up at 4am and then again at 7 for the day so that is good.

Today we went to JYSK and Home Outfitters while it was raining out to look for some darker curtains for her room since I think maybe it's too bright in there for putting her to sleep at night. By the time we were done in there it had stopped raining enough that we decided to go to the Celtic Festival! It was pretty good. Lots of bagpipers (although she started pouting and crying when we were near them, maybe they were to loud). We had fish and chips which were sooo good. We missed the sheep dogs unfortunately, we thought monkey would really like to see them. Oh well next year. Then we just walked around looking at the vendors. It was nice that the sun wasn't beating down on us but it was so humid and muggy out it sucked! I got a nice ring from one of the vendors with a Celtic trinity knot in it.

Monkey at the fair :) (Sqeee she's so CUTE!)

Love my new ring!

I think i will have to look into this fair and possibly have a booth at it next year. I did not see any chain mail there so that could be good. Even with the weather being so shitty they had quite a good crowd so I am excited about that now!


  1. Thanks for the follow! I'm following back. I haven't caught up on your blog how old is your little girl? She is adorable. I love her little hat!


  2. @Amy

    Thanks :) She is almost five months old! I still can't believe time has went by that fast! It seemed to take forever for her to be born and now she is almost half a year old!


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