Monday, August 8, 2011


Right now monkey is in her swing on the way to sleep. She was so cranky that I finally threw her in there with her ballerina dolly and it looks like I might have caught the sleep wave at the right moment since she is almost asleep! It just sucks that I will have to tiptoe around until she wakes up. Hopefully once she starts taking regular naps we can move them to the crib, then I will be able to get stuff done!


Knock on wood but she is still asleep! Just past the 30mins mark which is when she usually wakes up! Today might be a better day then I thought it was going to be, which really is good because I am TIRED (going to bed to late, monkey waking up 2 times before getting up for the day = 1 cranky mommy).


She slept a good amount of time I am surprised. She didn't wake up until 11:26am. So that was about 2.5 hours of sleep! Now that's a good nap. I thought today was going to be better, she woke up in what I thought was a good mood. I took her out of her swing and to the couch so I could nurse her. She was okay on the left side. I was going to leave her on the right for a while longer since I have a plugged duct again(!!) but she was having non of it! She kept pulling off and screaming. So I thought she had gas. I did get a few burps out but she was still screaming. The only time she wasn't was when I was holding her with her back to me and standing up. I was freaking out at this point because I thought she was starving since she had not ate anything since this morning. I have about 4oz of expressed milk in the fridge so I made a bottle and fed her that. Except even though she probably was hunger she was still really fussy and crying a lot. This was different from anything any other time. I then tried to give her cold teether toys thinking if she is teething maybe she is in pain but she would either frantically suck on it or drop it and then just cry. I was SO confused and at one point was ready to just break down and cry myself! If only she could talk!

I finally called Chris asking if he thought maybe I should try giving her some gripe water. All I could think of was that it was a long time till he got home. It's so frustrating not knowing if it was teething, hungry (which at this point I highly doubted since she had 4oz of milk) or gas. I had tried after feeding her, to express some milk and only got about 1.5 oz. I didn't know what I was going to do if she wouldn't nurse the next time! I did boil some water just in case I needed to give her formula. It also didn't help that my duct is plugged again on the right side. I don't know what is going on with the left either since it's been hurting when she has been latching and the top has seemed to be almost white. Last night a piece of skin like flaked off so I hope that doesn't mean an infection or anything!

I sterilized the medicine dropper thing then measured it out and gave it to her. I think maybe half of it she spit out but I'm sure some of it went down. I tried the cold teethers again and a cold face rag but nothing would stop her from screaming. So I walked around with her talking to her about things in the house. While we were in her room she burped I think. I had been trying to burp her all along our walk. Her burps are really hard to hear anymore which is annoying, before they were big belches.


OMG I am so relieved that she actually nursed off of me and *maybe* unplugged the duct partially. After our walk we sat on the couch. I put her down and was making her laugh and she was chomping away on her sucky and playing with her dolly. I was relieved to see her smile again. Then she started rubbing her eyes so I knew she was tired but when I put her in her swing to sleep she was having none of that. Since it was almost 2 hours since she ate last I sucked it up and tried to nurse her despite the fact that I was really nervous about her throwing a fit again. But to my relief she was fine! PHEW! She fell asleep though but that's okay! Anything is better then that fit. I was even able to put her back in her swing and she didn't wake up. So I am in complete shock because that is the second nap today! So far its been 15 mins but I don't expect her to sleep more then 30 mins since her first nap was so long. But wow! That is a first! I could never get her to nap the second time if by chance she did the first time. I really though today was going to be shitty since her inconsolable screaming match but it has gotten better thankfully.


So much for that nap. The power went out for some reason and came on again a few minutes later. But since the smoke detector is in the hallway right by the kitchen it beeped REALLY LOUDLY making me jump ten feet in the air, monkey start screaming, and both cats racing for under the couch. So thank you HYDRO ONE, thank you very much!! ~shakes fist. I finally get her to sleep for a second nap of the day and this happens. At least it was a 20min one, but still!

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