Monday, August 15, 2011


This past Saturday we went home to get Monkey Baptized. We got home a few hours before mass started to make sure the baptism dress we were borrowing off of my sister would fit her. If not, then we would have some time to go find one that did. Tammy said it went up to 20lbs so we all were pretty sure that it would.

Chris and Tammy got Monkey dressed while I got ready, I felt like I had a lot of time to get everything ready and I still was in a mad dash to do so before we had to leave! Good think Mom lives really close to the church!  We gave her some baby Tylenol just before we left because she is teething and the night before she didn't sleep at all (and neither did we, nor did she sleep hardly any that day) and we didn't want her to be in pain and cranky during mass. I think it helped considering she was really good throughout mass. Chris was bouncing her in his arms though which helped a lot. She did get fussy near the end but we gave her a bottle and she passed right out!

After mass was done we all moved to the front of the church where the baptism started. Monkey slept the whole time, well until we got to the part where he had to pour Holy Water on her head. The first time it startled her awake a bit since it was really cold! The second time wasn't to bad but the third and last time, it washed down her face and down the front of her. She started crying then but again surprisingly only for a minute or to then she was quiet again.  

Monkey was mesmerized by the priest. The whole time he was talking she was watching him. It was cute. She sometimes makes strange with people and cries. She was just full of surprised today!

After that we went back to Tammy and Steve's house where they had a BBQ. Everything was sooo good! It was a good day. I wish I would have gotten it done way before now since she is almost 5 months old but better late then never. :) I wish I also would have turned the flash on my camera! Some of our pictures turned out really blurry. 

Daddy protecting her ears from trains :) lol

I'm so proud of her :) She was so good and looked so cute in the little dress. 

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  1. This brings back sweet memories of our two baptisms, as well. Nothing sweeter!


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