Wednesday, August 3, 2011

She almost rolled over!! Closer then ever before...

9:44 am

She almost rolled over!! I just happened to turn and look at her and she was trying her hardest but her arm underneath her was in the way. It was straight out from her body so prevented her from getting over. She was turning her head as much as she could to flip herself over but because of that arm it just wasn't happening. This is as close as she has been ever. Over the weekend she was pretty close as well but this is closer! She is on her play mat right now. Awww sooo sooon!! She will get it soon!


So not to jinx it but monkey was getting really fussy at 10:30 so I took her to her room and tried to rock her to sleep. She was having none of that so I thought maybe she was hungry. Well she ate and fell asleep so back to her room and into her crib where has been sleeping with her music on. So far about 40 mins? Counting the bit where she was sleeping while nursing. Hopefully she gets a good nap this time. A few hours would be good! I think if she does the only reason would be because its dreary and raining out today so her room is fairly dark! :/ we need darker curtains in there.


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