Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First tooth, Jolly jumping and Sleep frustrations oh my!...


Last night after Chris got home from work he was holding Monkey and he was letting her gnaw on his finger. He was like, 'wow there is something really hard in there since it hurts now when she chomps on my finger'. We put her on the ground to look. I washed my hands and felt along the bottom of her gums and sure enough I could feel her first tooth! We tried to get a picture of it but it was hard to get it to focus and take it fast enough before her tongue shot over it. This was the best I could get lol.

gnawing on Daddy's finger.

It's really hard to see but you can see the white line.


I also started to set up the Jolly Jumper before Chris came home so that we could put her in it for the first time. She didn't know what to think at first and kept looking down at her feet! It really didn't take her to long to get the hang of it after a little bit. She was having lots of fun. I'm sure it will only get more fun for her as she gets better at it. She was smiling and giggling. We only left her in there for less then 10 mins. I think we will continue that every night when Chris gets home. I didn't realize how much room it takes up though! I like that it's portable, since the only door frame we have are in the bedrooms and bathroom and that's no fun since it's not anywhere near the great room/kitchen.

Not to sure what to think.

Having lots of fun!


Tommarrow monkey will be five months old. Is it normal at this age for babies to be hard to put down to sleep at night/nap time? More often then not, at least at night, she is nursed to sleep or at least to a sleepy state since by the time I stand up to put her in her crib she wakes up almost completely. Just now after she woke up at the 30min sleep mark, I once again had to finally burse her to fall asleep. She was crying a lot so I gave her some tylenol to see if that helped. She was gnawing and pulling at her ears so I don't think the tooth is completely through yet. I should have giving that to her at the start. I did try some baby oragel but it was really hard to get onto her sore spot since she like licks your finger and puts her tongue in the way. So I nursed her and took her off once she stopped sucking to eat. I'm pretty sure she had a let down. I don't see how she was hungry though since I just fed her 40 mins before. Do babies go through growth spurts at five months? Even if she got a let down I think it was more of a comfort thing.

Anyways, after taking her off and giving her her soother I rocked her for a few minutes since I had to shift her and put her into my arms a bit better, I stood up and rocked her back and forth until I was right in front of the crib, put her down and she of course woke up. This time though, I read somewhere that you can sort of push on the mattress gently beside her and that might lull her back to sleep. Since she was still drowsy it freakin worked! So hopefully she will sleep at least 1.5 hours.

Last night after we got fussy-stubborn head to sleep (after 1.5 hours!!!), I didn't hear her until 5am!!! I was in shock and at the same time worried that something was wrong, but I told myself that 'no you always wake up at least 5 mins before you hear her move around'. So I got up to go to the washroom and realized that my breasts were engorged and my left had leaked through my reusable breast pad. At that point I was like, 'awake or not I NEED you to eat'. She did and when she didn't drift right off to sleep after putting her back in bed I left the room to go back to ours. I didn't hear her until 7:15 am! She slept for almost 3 hours her first nap ( I did have to help her back to sleep a few times but I think she woke up more due to teething pain more then anything) and then another shorter 30- 40 min nap. According to the no-cry sleep/nap solution better naps during the day = better sleep at night. Now if I could just get her to go to sleep faster without crying most of the time that would be ideal. Anyone have any tips? I don't want to let her cry it out, at least not this young becaue I think she still is to young for that. Any opinions though are welcome :)


  1. You little one is such a cutey. She may not want to nurse as much with her teeth coming in. That could also be the reason for her not wanting to go down as easily. I wrote a post about my own son's teething troubles.


    Good Luck.. and congrats on the new teeth : ) Following you from Totally Thursday Blog Hop. Stop by if you have a minute.

  2. @Pink Lady Thanks for stopping by! I will definately check out your blog for sure :) I hope after she does get over teething that she is easier to get to sleep! I look forward to that day :)


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