Friday, August 12, 2011

I hate nap time usually but not today..


So today I started her nap time routine. I based it off our night time one. This is going to take awhile before it helps I think. I fed her then changed her bum, read her green eggs and ham then rocked her and she finally fell asleep an hour after I started the whole process. I was reading on line that some people found that when they waited until their baby showed tired signs that it was already to late and that at that point they were overtired so I thought maybe that is the case with monkey as well. She was awake for the morning around 8am this morning so at 9:30 I started everything and now at 10:25 she is finally in her crib napping. I think at the 20 min mark I am going to have to go stand outside her door waiting for her to make a noise because she always wakes up 30 min into her nap. Hopefully I will be able to lull her back to sleep before she wakes up to much.

After the day I had yesterday I need a good day! Hopefully she will sleep longer like she did earlier this week. Rocking her was a battle because I could see that she was fighting sleep but I refused to just nurse her to sleep. I basically had to distract her by snapping my fingers and rubbing her hand and she finally let the rocking put her to sleep. I know probably not the best thing to do, I don't want rocking to become a habit either but I really didn't want to even try to put her down in her crib when she was drowsy because I think I would have freaked out if she woke up completely. She is not a fun baby to be around when she doesn't get enough sleep. I think I might try that for her next nap.


She is going on 40mins! I stood outside her door reading for about 15-20 mins in case she woke up. If she passes the 50min mark I think I am safe to say she won't wake up until she wakes up from her nap. It's a relief for me since this makes each other time I put her down for a nap seem possible and not hopeless which is really good for my patience :) At least I am not tired like I was yesterday, or as tired. I still don't get enough sleep but it was better then yesterday. I can't wait for a time when she just goes for a nap and doesn't fight me or need me to help her go to sleep.

I'm in shock she is still napping! It's 11:55!! It may have taken me over 30 mins of rocking etc to get her to sleep but she is STILL asleep! Happy dance. It was well worth the time for her to get a good nap and nice to have some time to myself!


  1. If you can get a routine set, it'll really help.

    My youngest has pretty much always slept on the same schedule as her sister, mostly because my oldest can't be quiet for more than thirty seconds unless she's asleep.

    Anyway, I started putting them down for naps after lunch a year or so back, and now they pretty much put themselves down for a nap, other than still wanting a tuck in. (And yes, the five-year-old still NEEDS a nap. Otherwise she's cranky, hyper, and prone to tantrums in addition to having red eye something awful.)

  2. @A. B. England Thanks! Its good to know that if I am consistant it will get easier. I've been putting her down in her crib for her naps now and also after getting up for the morning making sure that 1.5 hours after we are starting the wind down routine and it seems to be working once I get her to sleep. She's slept at least 2 hours the last few days so I think its progress! I just wish I could get her to sleep fast though. Sometimes an hour is brutal, but I guess it won't be for forever. :)


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