Monday, July 4, 2011

Monkey's first Canada Day was pretty boring, or at least nothing special. We just hung out around the house mostly. We did however discover that we can see the fireworks from our backyard. We didn't actually go out and watch them since monkey was in bed sleeping but we have a pretty good view of them. If only we had a deck! We could be watching the fireworks all summer long. We sort of mashed our head against the window to see to the right and discovered how well we could see them since we can only open our patio door like two inches right now. So that will be cool.

Saturday we went to wally world to search for a bunch of things. Chris wanted to get a sprinkler and hose so we can water our grass a bit since it is burning everywhere. We also looked for water wings for monkey, some sort of cupboard thing for the laundry room but they only had ugly ones and we got a few teether rings for monkey. There were a few other things I wanted to look at but we went at the wroong time that's for sure. It was super busy and she was getting cranky. It just wasn't fun at all. Plus I didn't have any expressed milk to give her so we just left. I want to get some sort of cupboard storage thing for the laundry room so we can have more places to put things. The closet in there is jammed with stuff. That is the only thing about this house there is no storage space at all! Now I'm thinking though maybe it would be nice to have custom cupboards in there with ones over top the washer/dryer and have it connect to some in the space beside the washer and dryer. We really need too switch the washer and dryer around so that it's easier to put stuff from the washer into the dryer without running into the door all the time.

I drew a outline of a tree on monkeys wall so I can start to get that done. I haven't painted it yet though but I think I am finally happy with the outline. I hesitate to actually paint it because I think I might have to also draw the circles/leaves and where they are going to go before I paint the brown. I think it might be a pain to paint over the brown colour with a orange or light green or whatever colours I use for the leaves. Ugh so that should not be fun :(

We have been trying to be consistent with bathing her at 7pm then letting her play/ hold her for a bit /feed her then put her to bed by 8. She is super cranky by then anyways. So far it has been somewhat successful except she usually fights sleep until around 9-9:30. Sometimes I have to nurse her to sleep as well if she has been up for an hour before fully falling asleep. The annoying thing is that if I feed her before we put her to bed I can get her to bed and out of the room without her waking up and I think I am home free and it was all quick etc but then like 5-10 mins later she wakes up! That is when the hour long battle begins. I basically find that I have to hold her hand etc and ignore her even if she is wide awake and smiling at me and eventually she nods off. The last two nights I've tried to not have to hold her hand as long so that she doesn't get used to that. We usually have the CD mom got her playing in the background thinking that maybe if she does wake up it might soothe her to go back to sleep. That hasn't really worked but we thought it would be good to have some sort of constant noise in the background. Who knows maybe she won't take as long to go to sleep when she is in her crib. I need to get the tree done so that we can start to put her in her room at night since she is too big for the cradle. She is almost as long as it!

Sunday we didn't really do a whole lot. Chris watered the lawn and then trimmed around the steps and house since the grass is impossible to get with the lawn cutter. We then realized that we need to get a rake lol. So that will go on our list of things to get for the house. It was a nice relaxing weekend that went by way to fast. It was nice to have Chris home for three days though.

Yesterday monkey was attempting to roll over a few times but never actually managed to. Today she was doing it a lot and almost got over a few times but her arm was in the way and her bum eventually pulled her back down. So cute! I got a few videos of it to! It won't be long I don't think until she gets herself over, I think maybe in a matter of days to a week!!


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