Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10:15 am

Last night we got the no cry sleep solution and the no cry nap solution by Elizabeth Pantley. So far I like what I am reading. Night time is more of a problem getting her to sleep then it is getting her to sleep longer at night since I can handle the 1 -2 night feedings she wakes up for (depending if she is going through a growth spurt or not) and I have been dream feeding her at 11 again since that prevents her from waking up an hour after I go to sleep. Last night for instance, I dream fed her at 11:15ish and she slept until 5am when she wanted to eat again then slept until 7 something. So that was nice. Still was hard for me to get up for the day but at least I got enough sleep to have patience and function!

So today I am tracking how long she naps, when she naps etc since she says that her daytime sleep effects her night time sleep. I already knew that she wasn't sleeping enough in a day. She is supposed toget roughly around 15 hours of sleep and she is only really getting maybe 11 or so. I have to track naps and night time sleep for three days then look at the data and figure out a strategy and see how it goes. The books are easy to read. I should have started with the nap book though. Chris was reading that one last night. I am already half way through the one. I like what I am reading so far and I love that it's a no cry solution. I really don't think letting them cry it out is very nice :(. The author was successful in doing that and so have a lot of people. I am so glad that the books were both checked in at the library. I love the library. :)

awww monkey is currently napping in her swing (took awhile for her to nod off) but she is sooo cute!! It took about 30 -40 mins for her to fall asleep. She was cranky and yawning a few times when put her in there. I was shocked that she would be that tired already since we got up at almost 7:30 but I guess that was two hours?

11:21 pm

Monkey was a pain to get to sleep tonight. She was showing signs of tiredness so we went through her bedtime routine, we actually started it early as well but I was still in her room for over an hour before I had to get Chris to take over because I was just getting too frustrated. I ended up going back in there after 20 mins because he was still in there and she was crying. I had to nurse her to sleep. I really think part of the problem is that the curtains let to much light in. It might not be a problem later on when she can go to sleep on her own but until she is used to it I think it will be a problem. I had done everything I could think of to get her to sleep before I called Chris. I had her laying in the crib and I was rubbing her hand and tummy, stroking her head, rocking her, but she was to busy looking around. I thought she would have gone to bed earlier then 8 but she ended up not going to sleep until almost 9.

I think this morning I was having a dream that monkey was cutting teeth. Or rather that they were visible under her gums. Except it was like everyone of them at least on the bottom, were pretty pointy under the gums. Strange dreams I have I tell you.

She ended up sleeping for about 2 hours her first nap today and it was really hard for me to get her to take a second one. She only slept for about 30mins. This is so frustrating, not to mention tiring for me! Hopefully tommarrow will be better.


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