Saturday, July 23, 2011

not a fun night..

1:43 pm

Last night was not fun. It started out normal. We could see that she was getting really tired around 7 (which makes us think that maybe we should put her to bed earlier then 8) so we gave her her bath and I fed her. She passed out pretty quickly while I nursed her - which showed me how tired she was. I really don't like when that happens though since I don't want her to get used to falling asleep that way. Chris was able to pick her up and put her in the cradle and she stayed asleep. We thought we were home free but she woke up crying abut 30mins later and it took him a bit to get her to sleep finally. Then like normal I dream fed her before we went to sleep except for some reason last night she woke completely up. When I was done feeding her and Chris put her back in her cradle she was smiling at me and doing her cooing noises which has us both chuckling because it was so cute. I was trying my hardest not to since I didn't want her to think it was play time. It was around 1am! She finally sort of fell into a shallow sleep after me sitting beside the cradle but ignoring her. I was so tired that I ended up laying down in the bed since she was almost asleep but she ended up waking up and crying.

Chris went to try and get her to sleep. Eventually he did but geez! She woke next at 5 something to nurse and went back to sleep afterwards easily then didn't wake again till 9 am.  After nursing her Chris took her out so I could sleep a bit more and came and got me at 10:30 to nurse her again. Every other time I have tried to nurse her after this has been complete hell. I think it's a combo that she is super tired since she wouldn't go down for a nap, she is warm laying on the pillow on top of me (even with the a/c on since the great room is always 6 degrees warmer then the thermostat, while the rest of the house is even with it).

We were going to go out but I think we might have to wait until later or tomorrow. We finally put her back in her swing to see if she will stop fighting sleep and take a nap and then hopefully eat when she wakes up. If not I am going to have to fed her the expressed milk that I have in the fridge that we were going to use when we were out, since I don't know what else to do. I'm glad I have that little bit though.

I think I need to go to the library and get some books on sleep for babies because this is becoming tiresome and it's not really fair to her that she is always so freaking cranky. :( She is right now fighting sleep!! why won't she just go to SLEEP! ?

Today I need to clean her room and finish the tree (at least the trunk part) and get her room ready for her sleeping in there tonight. She might have a better sleep in there since there is more room in there then the cradle. It's going to be hard but i'ts the best for her. I just don't know how nursing her is going to be. It's going to suck that I will have to pretty much wake all the way up to go nurse her. Hopefully she sleeps through the whole night soon and drops the night feedings. I think  tonight I will just left her to sleep instead of dream feeding her. Heidi says the only way to tell if she won't wake up a few hours after you normally dream feed her is to just skip that nursing session and see if she will sleep until 5 in the morning. We will see. Once she gets used to her crib then I will start to try putting her in there for naps so I don't have to tip toe around here like a mouse when she is napping. That way I might be able to get some things done. This is so hard :( I fear that we might have to use the cry it out method :( which I really want to avoid!

2:02 pm

She is FINALLY asleep. Now we just have to not wake her up for at least 30 mins :( I'm surprised she dozed off considering Chris is cooking hamburgers in the kitchen.

8:05 pm

She slept for almost 2 hours earlier, so that is good. She was getting super cranky again around 6:30 so we got her bath ready and bathed her, changed her into her jammies and I nursed her. Unfortunately it was to sleep but she needed to eat. Chris moved the CD player and the rocking chair in her room after I was done nursing her and I went and put her in her crib. She didn't wake up when I set her down which was a surprise. She usually does. I brought my book in with me since her room is pretty bright in there since the sun shines in her windows at night. I didn't mind staying in there for a bit since I could read. I'm glad I did stay in there for a bit since she woke up. I tucked a blanket around her and gave her her soother and then sat back down and read some more. The few times I glanced at her she was looking at me but I didn't hear a peep out of her. I read for a bit and when I looked over about 10 mins ago she was a sleep again. Aww so tonight is the first night she is going to be in her room in her own crib for the night. I don't think I am going to get to much sleep tonight! So far she hasn't woken up again. I think we are going to have to start putting her to bed between 7- 7:30 since I think keeping her up till 8 she just gets to cranky and over tired and has a hard time sleeping.

I also think I'm not going to dream feed her at 11 and see how long she sleeps tonight. Oh this is going to be hard. I can see that I will be up a lot going in and checking on her! She is so cute I don't want anything to happen to her! I think I am getting better about that though since we started putting her to bed at a certain time. It is still hard though.

Chris is currently gone to get some pizza, wings and potato wedges at the pizza place down the road. The make AWESOME pizza. I cant wait till he gets back since I am starving!


  1. Both of my boys were horrible about napping and going to sleep at night when they were that age. Its hard when your breastfeeding also because you get so tired! I hope your baby starts sleeping better soon. New follower from the monday blog hop, look forward to your future posts!

  2. Thanks, I hope she gets better to. I just don't know whats normal for a four month old nor what to expect in the future!

    I checked out your blog and it makes me hungry lol! Everything looks good! I followed you back :)


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