Tuesday, July 26, 2011

11:59 am

I feel almost like I am going to have either a panic attack or anxiety attack. I know I'm probably being to hard on myself or stressing to much but this trying to get her to sleep even for naps is starting to get to me. I think tonight we are definitely going to the library to get some books on sleep and hopefully that will help. We have already establish somewhat of a routine for night time. The problem is trying to get her to sleep! It usually takes about an hour before she will finally pass out. The only time it's quicker is because she fell asleep while I was nursing her. It's really hard to know what to do. UGH! I've been reading a few things an various websites but it's all from things people have tried themselves. I think once I read a few books on the subject it will be better. Another problem now is trying to get her to nap in her crib. I tried today and it just didn't work. Then when I brought her back out with me and put her in her swing she fell asleep within a few mins! That just showed me how tired she was. I guess her naps aren't scheduled enough. She showed tired signs around 10 but it isn't until now that she finally fell asleep! ahhhh.

I also want to get some books to read to her before bed time. Our routine right now consists of bathing her, getting her reading in her jammies for bed, feeding her, then putting her to bed. So I would like to add in there maybe rocking her so she is drowsy while reading to her before she goes into her crib. I think if it works out that she is falling into a deep sleep while nursing her I might either have to nurse her before her bath or bath her 30 mins earlier or something so she doesn't do that and have more time to read and rock her? I don't know though if it's bad to bath her after feeding her though. To me that sort of seems like the whole don't swing your baby etc to much after feeding he or she will spit up.
~shrugs. I just feel so hopeless right now :( like seriously how do other people do it?!?! I don't expect her to just instantly go to sleep when I put her in there I just don't even know how to get to the point where she can do that. I don't know if what I am doing at the moment is just getting her dependant on it to go to sleep. Like her soother or me holding her hand and soothing her or me sitting beside the crib reading or whatever!


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