Friday, July 22, 2011

Four month check up and shots

Wednesday Monkey had her four month shots. Chris had gone Tues night on the way home and picked up what we thought were emla patches. I didn't discover that it was emla creme until 2 hours before her appointment! Now it's the exact same thing just its application is different. Instead of just peeling the backing, sticking it on then pressing the middle down (the easiest), I had to take one side off so you could 'see' through the plastic (which is thin and flimsy), then apply half the tube of creme in a spot on her thigh, then peel the backing off the sticky side, be o so careful not to pull on the flimsy plastic to much while trying to get it over the creme and not let monkey's flailing hand get into the creme. One royal pain in the arse if you ask me. Chris said when I mentioned it to him when he came to pick us up that the person that got it for him at the pharmacy had looked around for a bit, asked someone where to find it then grabbed it, put it in a bag then stapled the receipt to it so he didn't get a chance to look at it. He said he saw the words emla and didn't think anything of it. I mean it wouldn't have been a big deal if we weren't dealing with a 4 month old that doesn't understand the meaning of hold still for one second! I ended up saying to loudly her name at on point because she almost got one of her little paws in the creme. She instantly started crying and I felt so horrible! Thankfully I got the patch on it okay and did the other side quickly.

Then I was like doh! how am I going to feed her/get myself dressed (yes I was still in my pj's) without her like pinching the cover. Somehow I managed and it wasn't until we were half way to the doctors office that I realized her seat belt in her car seat was squishing the creme to one side of the patch. So all that carefulness was for nothing. Pain in the ass creme! Next time we will make sure it's the patches. 

She weighed in at 13lbs 8 oz, her height was 62.4 cm and her head was 42.2 cm. This time thankfully the wooden measure thing didn't clank and scare her, so going into the doctors appointment she wasn't screaming at the top of her lungs. When the doctor came in she did make a bit strange and start crying, but sort of calmed down a bit. Chris and I both went to stand near her after he got the needles. I watched when he gave them to her (big mistake) and was shocked to see how far he pushes the needles in. Yikes! I wish I wouldn't have watched since I hate needles. She did cry during that but it wasn't that bad and once he handed her to Chris she calmed right down. I was so shocked, it was a completely different monkey then last time! We were actually able to talk to the doctor and we could actually hear each other. 

We really didn't have any concerns except to ask how she is doing weight wise. He said she is about 50 percentile in both weight and height for her age. We also asked about the rotovirus vaccine. It is supposed to be covered soon but he said with them there is no guarantee that when they say Aug it will actually start to happen in Aug. He suggested we get one dose of it and gave us a prescription for it, since we need to get all three doses in before she is 8months old and they have to be taken 6 weeks a part. Then he said to call the office within 6 weeks they will be able to tell us if its covered or not. One dose cost us like 80 bucks! So hopefully when it's time for the next dose it will be covered. We got to give it to her at home which was nice. I was nervous about doing it because if she spit it all out then there goes 80 bucks! I had some expressed milk in the fridge so when we got home we got that ready, got her to drink a bit of the milk then Chris squirted the vaccine into her mouth as per instructions. She had no problem swallowing it. She drank it down like it was a bottle! LOL, then we just fed her the rest of the bottle. She wasn't even cranky the rest of the day. It's like the needles and the other vaccine didn't phase her at all!

She was a bit stubborn when we tried to put her down for the night but that isn't anything new. What a cute little monkey! I'm glad that her shots went well. So next time she has to get any is at 6 months.


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