Friday, July 8, 2011

10:00 am

Holy screaming fit monkey just had. We were in her room and she was on the floor on one of her play mats and I was going through her dresser sorting out clothes that are two small for her when she just started wailing. I changed her diaper since she was in a cloth one and she was wet but she was still crying afterwards. Usually she is all smiles and giggling whenever we put her on the change table even if she is crying before hand but it didn't work this time. So we went back out to the front room so I could nurse her and she still cried through most of it. Breaks my heart to hear her cry like that! Especially when it seemed like she wasn't getting anything :( She did eventually sort of fell asleep so I thought maybe she needed a nap. Currently she is in her swing chomping on her hand, so not sure if she is still hungry, just tired or teething. I sort of see a sharp bump on the lower part but I haven't felt it yet to see if it is or not. At least at the moment she is not screaming so she might fall asleep for a nap.

Yesterday she slept in her swing in the morning for almost 2 hours then around 3pm she slept again for almost 2 hours (this time in her bouncer). I think once I get her room completely done I will try and put her down for naps in her crib. That way I won't be so afraid to make noise out here and wake her up.

We had a lactation appointment on Wednesday that went okay. I decided to only take 5 pills on Tues (which was a mistake) since I am going to see the doctor next Tues and thought I could stretch my pills out until then but just with that one pill I noticed a drop in my milk production again. Heidi said the same thing that it's crazy how much of a difference one pill can make sometimes. Stupid me though shouldn't have done that considering we were going to see her the next day. It would have been nice to see how much she was getting while taking the donperidone at the level that I found was working. As it was she took about 2.5 - 3oz so it was better then last time. She weighted 13lbs 4oz. She still is on her weight curve but almost at the bottom end since she is gaining about .5 oz a day. Heidi assured me that was still fine, she is healthy looking and happy. At least I know what she should weigh when we get her 4 month shots in a few weeks. It still surprised me that she continues to gain with all the trouble I have had.

I've also semi started to pump again as I want to build a bit of a freezer stash for a just in case scenario. We got a pack of 50 by Nukk which was cheaper with more in it then the 25 pack from Medela. I think the Nukk holds more as well. Not that I plan on having 50 bags worth of milk though but at least I can save them for the next time. They hold about 6oz which is what I plan on putting in each bag. We don't have a lot of room in our freezer anyways, so I plan on using the compartment that the auto ice maker (if we had it hooked up) would drop the ice into since we don't put anything in there except our ice trays. That way they will be safe.

It also sounded like I was very lucky to not develop mastis with that huge plugged duct or ducts that I had the other week! Heidi was like it's good that you were working to get it out since getting that is horrible and painful. So phew on my part! I think I spent those days nursing constantly on the couch and pumping to relieve it. Horrible! I hope that doesn't happen ever again. I DO NOT want mastis or a breast infection!!!

10:30 am

So she started crying again and I checked her diaper first and low and behold even though I just changed her like 30 mins ago had a dirty bum again. That in a cloth diaper = probably not a nice feeling. Okay then crying AGAIN. She is so stubborn to go to sleep when I KNOW she is tired. I don't want to nurse her to sleep all the freaking time that cannot be a good thing.

10:51 am

Yep definitely tired. I nursed her on one side and she was completely out. So I burped her and she was falling asleep again while I was doing that, so I just put her back in her swing glanced over right now and she is out like a light and ooo so cute! :)

2:02 pm

Seriously WTF is up with my supply. I fed her around 12:10 then went to pump and had a bad feeling since the nursing session was horrid. She cried between sides and afterwards and during was making these crazy noises that I associate with not getting enough. After about 20 mins of that I put her down on her mat where she got distracted by the toys and then tried to pump and got like nothing. I would get a let down and only get like two drops then that was it! I had like not enough to cover the bottom of the bottle before I quit!! I just finished nursing her not to long ago. It might have been better but I don't know since she fell asleep and is conked out on her bouncer. Maybe that was why she was really cranky earlier?

Chris emailed me to say that he might get to leave work early! yeah!! I can't wait. (They are on shut down so it is just them in the office this week) He is going to stop on the way home and pick up the zumba game for the Wii. It looks fun!!  :)


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