Monday, July 18, 2011

Yesterday we went to Tam's house for moms 65th birthday bbq. It was a good day but being out in the sun so much made me super tired even though I was in the shade the whole time. Lots of people there and it was nice to see some of them again. Poor monkey didn't really get her naps in since I have no idea how to give her naps when we are not here at the house. It's hard enough to get her to take them here :(

Chris brought her into the pool with him for a bit. She seemed to be okay in there. She didn't cry at least :) Chris said her bum was really floaty lol. I was worried about her in there considering she had no sunblock on (and only because I don't think it's recommended to put it on kids under 6 months or is it a year?) Chris stayed mainly in the part of the pool that was in shade so that was good. It was so bloody hot out but at least it was cool outside in the shade and there was a bit of a breeze. Inside the house was soooo muggy and warm. Thee basement wasn't so bad since I nursed monkey down there a few times. I fed her upstairs the first time and almost melted up there.

I also asked Tam and Steve if they would be Monkey's Godparents when we get her baptised. I have to call the church this week to set a date for that. Which means I will have to find something to wear :( I'm not happy about that part. I don't want to look like crap in the pictures. When we were getting moms bday present at the mall on Saturday we went into old navy to get Chris some swim shorts and I tried on a few tops and ugh I really need to lose the baby weight!! I don't want to be this big anymore! I'm also thinking of starting up my vids on YouTube to keep myself accountable, but we will see!  I just need to find the motivation.

I think once she is weaned it might be easier since then it won't be just me that can feed her. I'm not sure how long I am going to breastfeed for. Right now the plan is till 6 months. Well it will be longer then that since it will take a month to wean her, unless of course it magically gets so freaking easy then I will reconsider. Right now it sucks to have to cart my stupid pillow around with me and if we go anywhere we have to plan to be back home in an hour or so from the time we leave. It would be nice to just be able to nurse her without needing the pillow so I can nurse at the mall or wherever we are.

After we left Tammy's we went to Chris parents house for a few hours before leaving for home. We left Tams later then I thought we would. It was just to hard to get Chris out of the pool lol. That and I think he was having fun horsing around with Jeremy (one of my nephews). He enjoys picking on him I think. Monkey looked so cute in her bathing suit! :) We didn't stay to long at Chris's parent though since it was getting late. I was so freaking tired to. Being outside that long tires me out and I wasn't even in the sun!

Unfortunately last night at like 5:30 in the morning I woke up to this huge thunderstorm. Holy crap was it wicked out. I didn't go watch it or anything but Chris did, I stayed in the room with the baby. Thankfully she didn't wake up at all. I didn't get back to sleep until it passed us by and then of course an hour later I had to wake up to feed monkey. So no sleep for me. It's supposed to be super hot the rest of the week so I'm sure we will have more of those :(

Monkey is currently fighting sleep again since she is not taking a nap. I have her in her swing. I know she is tired since she is rubbing her eyes, yawning etc. Why is she so stubborn! Hopefuly she will drop off soon.

Yesterday monkey was four months old! I can't believe it's been that long already. It seems like just yesterday she was born but at the same time that she has always been with us! I'm sure we will have fun times ahead of us and lots of great memories. :)


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