Monday, July 11, 2011

2nd wedding anni!

Today is our second wedding anniversary! It's so crazy how fast these last two years have flown by! It just seems like yesterday we were planning it all out! Unfortunately we really aren't doing a whole lot to celebrate it tonight considering we are driving home after Chris gets off work, dropping monkey off with Aunt Tammy and Uncle Steve and then attending a prep course thing at the church to get her baptized. Then tomorrow I have a doc appointment. UGH just thinking about all that traveling has me exhausted. Plus I have no idea what I am going to wear. I need to get some better shirts/ t-shirts. I like old navy ones since they are so long but they are really thin and having a belly (still!!) really doesn't make me feel comfortable just wearing them. So three cheers for it being shitty hot outside and feeling fat and shitty and unsupported with nursing bras tonight. Oh joy.

I also realized last night that Steph's wedding is on Sept 24th which is the same day as Applefest so I won't be at there this year. Maybe I can find a craft show around here or something. It would be nice to try out a different one and then who knows maybe next year I can do two instead of one.

Holy crap is monkey ever cranky today. She will NOT go down for a freaking nap. Gawd! It figures since she will be left with Tam and Steve for about an hour tonight. I'm sure if she is super tired she will cry the whole time. Hopefully she sleeps all the way home.


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