Thursday, January 27, 2011

The prenatal health fair

The prenatal health fair was bigger then I expected! There were tons of booths with lots of helpful info and lots of handouts. I am glad that we went. It was only near the end before we left that we finally found the booth that we were actually going there for. Although there really wasn't to much opprotunity to ask her about the cloth diapers. It doesn't really matter anyways since we have decided instead of the diaper service to just buy ours outright and wash them ourselves. Chris compared the price of the service each week for a year to how much it costs to buy them. It was something like over 1000 -2000 for the year as apposed to purchasing them and washing them ourselves. Sure we have to use more hydro and water etc but I think in the long run it will be cheaper. Plus we are hopefully getting the bummis starter kit for infants this weekend. They are hoping to get their stock in soon so on the way home this weekend I will call them to see if they have them in and we can go get it. It's wayyy cheaper to buy it in a bundle pack then individually.It is also much cheaper there then any of the other places I have found it at. It's good that we did a bit of research. Hopefully we can get it this weekend so we can wash them before baby comes and get used to having to wash them in the our front loader washer.

Tonight we are going to go to Zellars to look at their baby stuff since a lot of it is 40-50% off especially the graco baby playpens! I do know we are going to also hopefully get a baby change table mattress. They are half price as well. The sale ends tonight unfortunately :( I wish it was this week coming up that everything was on sale considering my baby shower is this sunday. Zellars though is a pain to find stuff in sometimes especially in the clothing department so I hope that the baby section is at least half way decent!

OMG I can't believe how soon baby is!!! 34 weeks right now! less then 6 to go. Hopefully baby at least waits until week 37 or 38 to come and hopefully I don't go to far over my due date. That would suck!


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