Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby dream #4

I just remembered that I had another baby dream near the start of Jan sometime. This time I think we were getting ready for bed or at least getting ready to put baby to bed. I was in the front room and Chris had taken the baby down the hallway. When he came back I asked him where he put her. He said that she was okay and that she was on the floor by the cat pillows. For some reason the hallway was full of bags and other random stuff. In the middle was the baby on top of the two blue cat pillows kicking and giggling and petting or trying to pet the cats. She was also pulling Gimli's hair. I was like Chris! Baby is going to get hurt! to which he was like 'no'. The thing was that Gimli was fighting with Mantisaur right beside baby. I was walking towards them as fast as I could when I seen where he had put her because cats fighting and baby pulling their hair means it was only a matter of time before one of them tried to scratch or bite! Sure enough when I was close enough Gimli lunged (Mantisaur as well possibly) at baby and my hands came out and I caught both of them by the neck before they came anywhere near the baby.

Talk about a not so nice dream! I think I might have thrown the two cats across the floor to get them away from her. I guess it's not unfounded since I am worried about the cats scratching or biting baby once she is here. Although I am sure that we will not see the cats to often for like the first month after she is home. lol.


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