Friday, January 21, 2011

doc appointment...

So we had our doc appointment today. It was fairly quick since we didn't have anything that concerned us or any questions really at this time. He did mention straight away that he got my results from echo test back and that everything that they looked for turned out normal. So that is a big relief, a HUGE relief. Also for the fact that my heart hasn't been palpitating nearly as much as it did. Maybe a few times every once in a while. That makes me feel so much better for sure!

The nurse had also taken my weight, urine sample and blood pressure. I was happy to see that my weight was the same as two weeks before. I was beginning to worry just how much I was going to gain!! It seemed for awhile to just keep going up and up and up! So hopefully it has leveled off. Only 7 weeks to go roughly! OMG.

He listened to the babys heart beat and measured my stomach and basically everything is going along good. I am super excited to meet this baby! I can't wait. But I'm hoping baby doesn't come before the babys room is done! or before we have all the stuff we need for baby since we have not a whole lot at the moment! I have to go see him again in two weeks and then after that it's every week until I go into labour.


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