Monday, January 10, 2011

doc appointment

I had another doc appointment on the 7th of Jan. This time we got in fairly quickly. We got there about 15 mins before my actual appointment time and got in right on time. Last time it was almost 45 mins after my scheduled time before we got in.

So the nurse person did the whole testing of the urine, blood pressure and my weight. Ick, I peeked at my weight and have to say I am not happy :(. Hoping that maybe I just have lots and lots of fluid. Once she was done Chris was able to come into the room again. We only waited a few minutes until someone came in. I was so confused at first because it wasn't my doctor. But once he explained himself it made sense. He is a third year med student who was helping the doctor that day to get experience etc. So he did the belly measurements and checked baby's heart rate. Then we talked about any concerns me or Chris had. He then went and talked with the doctor about them (out in the freaking hallway to!). I mean we could hear ever word they were saying :( I had some concerns that well I just wouldn't want like everyone to hear! Geez. Although anyone in that office probably has heard that a million times or are in the same boat but still :( He did tell the doc that he gaged monkey's heart rate at about 130.

Anyways after they finished talking, they both came back in and we talked about my concerns. Nothing real major and all common during pregnancy. He also told me that my ultrasound results were good. There is enough fluid around the baby, the baby looked healthy, no visible defects etc. He did say that baby was ahead of the game weight wise, but he said that it could slow down. It is just something we will have to see. I hope that doesn't mean that baby is going to be a 9 pounder!! I didn't think 3lb20z was to big at this stage! He also said that the placenta had grown upwards so it is not covering the cervix. Which is a big relief! At least now I can at least try delivering normally.

He also got my results back from my glucose test or whatever it's called. It came back normal so that is good. I did ask about my echo test which was what I was most interested in but he said that he had not recieved the results yet. He assured me that that wasn't uncommon and considering it was the week of christmas that it was done it doesn't surprise me. He did say though that if there was something to worry about they would have made it a priority to get the results to him. So hopefully by my next appointment he has them though. I'm sure if he doesn't they will be calling them and bugging them for it. I have to go back and see him in two weeks. At about 36 weeks he said it will be weekly then. When I was talking to mom on Sunday she said to if there was something wrong with the echo they would have called me back in for a retest to double check the results. So that made me feel better. Still nervous about the delivery part but who isn't the first time around! I really hope that I am not home by myself when it starts though. At least Chris is pretty close if that does happen, only about 10 mins away.

I have decided that this is my last week of work. I wanted to go to the end of Jan but I don't think that is going to happen. I'm having a hard time sleeping, then waking up a million times at night  and then having a hard time going back to sleep just isn't fun. Plus by the end of the day my back is killing me even if I get up and walk around every hour. I'm going to miss the paycheck each week since mat leave pay sucks but I think I will be relieved once I am done. It will give me a chance to get stuff ready for baby, and get some things done and out of the way before baby arrives. Chris is jealous of course but I don't blame him. Who wouldn't want a year off of work lol.



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