Friday, January 28, 2011

baby shopping!

Well Zellars was a bust. We were looking at all the baby stuff and discovered that the Graco stuff that was on sale was just the 'olivia' collection, which is brown and a floral pink. The floral pink was just ugly. They must be discontinuing that collection or something. Also the pads for the change table were out of stock but we did get a rain check which is good for 60 days. So that is good. It's only 15 bucks on sale as apposed to it's reg price of 30. Hopefully they get some more in soon. I guess we weren't the only ones looking for it as well.

We were also looking at the diaper genie's and trying to figure out if it would be good to store our dirty cloth diapers in until we wash them. My only concern is that it might squish them down as they drop in and might be more of a pain in the butt. We could always just get a garbage pail that has a secure lid and use the bummis bags that are washable. I guess we need to research that a bit.

Sucks that we walked away from Zellars with nothing but it was good to go look. We also checked out the baby department in Wally world. They have a nice resonable priced glider there for 150. It would be nice to have a nice chair in the same room as me and baby when I go to feed him/her in the middle of the night. I can't see me sitting on the bed doing that nor bringing baby into the other room and sit on the couch or chair to do that either. Plus I want something padded and comfy. This is the first one that isn't way expensive. We will see. I like to that they had one out so you could sit in it and try it out.


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