Monday, January 24, 2011

unfortunate discovery

bah! So I had a discovery the other night. I think it was Saturday night. I was laying on the couch and Chris had come over and mentioned some marks on the bottom of my belly. Now it's so big I can't see it myself unless I look into a mirror. I thought it could be just couch or pants or shirt marks but I was a little bit doubtful. So when I did look into the mirror it looked like there are stretch marks there!! Not a whole lot but still. :( I feel stupid being upset by this considering lots of women who have babies get stretch marks. I just also kick myself because I have been lax about putting lotion on my stomach because I thought that I wasn't going to develop them because it has been fine till now. ARGH. I know the lotion doesn't or hasn't been proven to stop them from forming but it could help and yeah at least if I had been and I still got what I have now then oh well. Hopefully they don't get worse and they fade away a lot after the birth. :( They just seemed to appear out of no where!!

Tonight we are going to the prenatal health fair that the hospital puts on. Be nice to at least talk to people about cloth diapers.


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