Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby Shower..

The baby shower was yesterday Sunday Jan 30th, Mom and Tam organized it for me. We had driven home on saturday and I was really relieved that it was a nice day. The weekend before was horrid and I didn't much like the thought of having to go home in really crappy weather. It would have been just to stressful. I hate winter to begin with and even though I wouldn't have been driving, just with snow all over the roads and them possibly being slippery and then having to wonder about other drivers - yeah just to stressful to me. Thankfully it was a bright and sunny day out. We went and spent the day and most of the evening at Chris's parents house and then left to spend the night at moms. We got up and hung out with mom until it was time to go to the shower. Chris came to the hall at first since we got there around 12 to set up. There was a lot of food etc to bring so Chris ended up putting some of it in our car. Once there Tammy and Steve were there shortly after and we started to set up. Chris blew up the ballons for us.

These ballons were scary! The first time one of them hit the floor and burst scared the crap out of me! Probably everyone as well that was there at the time. They were loud! Tammy was having a hard time getting them to stay taped to the tables. There wasn't to much to set up really. We put some blue and pink table cloths on the present table and the food tables. We put out some trays of munchies on all the tables and the pop in the fridge. Mom made some coffee and really that was about it. Sounds simple right? lol not really it seemed to take forever to get it all set up. Mom and Tam had made some crock pot chilli and it smelled so freaking good!

By this time people were starting to trickle in. It's a good thing mom rented a hall considering there was no way we could all fit in a house! It wouldn't have been so bad if we could have had it outside but considering it's the middle of winter that wasn't going to happen! After everyone was there we played bingo. We almost didn't have enough cards but it all worked out in the end. Thankfully Cindy was calling the cards considering everyone was all talking etc at there tables and it was super loud! She was screaming at the top of her lungs lol.

After that I opened all the cute baby presents. Tammy sat beside me and wrote on all the cards for me while William was bringing them to me and Danny was taking them to one of the tables so people could pass them around. It was sort of ackward and like me and Tam were at the one end of the hall by ourselves. We should have moved the tables and put all the chairs in a circle before people got there so that when we did open the presents I didn't feel like I was out in the middle of nowhere with everyone watching!

It seemed to take forever to get through all of them. At one point mom started bringing stuff out and getting the food tables set up so that once we were done we could all eat. Cindy was taking photos for me which was good. It's nice to have some memories of the day. I took the odd picture when we first got there, especially the cake mom got. She had this toy squeaky mouse that she put on top of the cake. I got a few pics before I cut into it. It was cute.

We got a lot of stuff that we needed. Lots of different sizes of clothes for the baby, a big diaper bag, two smaller ones, some stuffed animls, a monitor, a thermoter, a baby care kit (with brush, toothbrush, nail clippers in it), lots of receiving blankets and fuzzy warm blankets, a baby bath tub, lots of baby lotion and baby powder, some diapers which were all different sizes. It's good that we got some newborn stuff but not a whole lot considering baby will just out grow it pretty much in a short amount of time, lots of cute onsies, a stroller/car seat, a baby carrying thing, what to expect in the first year book, a Robert Munch book ( 'i will love you forever' love it!!) a few floor mat play things and a baby bouncer thing which will come in handy right away. Also a jolly jumper from Jen, JP and the girls! Lots of other stuff as well but definately all stuff that we needed. It's pretty awesome that we didn't get hardly any doubles so that is really good. My favorite has to be though a three pack baby onsie set that has mice on it!! There sooo cute! I have no idea where Aunt Barb finds these things! So cute can't wait till baby can wear them :) awwww pretty soon.

Chris's cousin Melanie and his Aunt were there as well. She is due just a few days before me!  I guess she is going with a home birth. I think she is nuts but then again I probably can't picture giving birth anywhere else but a hospital because I am afraid of complications. It's understandable considering my heart went all nuts on me about five years ago now, so yeah I don't think anything will happen while I'm in labor but it makes me feel so much better knowing we are at the hospital in case something does and it's good for them to be able to check the baby right after birth. My doctor doesn't think I will have any problems either since my last echo came back fine. So that is a relief. Melanie is definately braver then me :)

Then once everyone was leaving it was a challenge to get everything in the car! I had told Chris I would call him when we got back to moms and mom was waiting for him to come back so we could put the stuff in our car. A little miscommunication there and I never really though about what we were going to do with the presents afterwards! So Chris's mom loaded as much as she could in her car to bring back to the house and we put the rest of the stuff in moms car and went home. Took a few minutes to clean up. I think Landon and Tanner had fun popping all the rest of the ballons that were around. We had the hall until 4 or at least that was when the shower was supposed to end but we didn't get out of there until 5 something.

When I got home I called Chris and he came and got me. We chatted with mom for a bit then packed the stuff into the car and went back to his parents house. It was a good day. We got home late at night but somehow managed to squish everything except the stroller part of the travel system into our car. Chris somehow lost his keys while loading everything into our car though. He finally decided to start bringing bags back into the house so we could search them to find them since they were not the ground or anywhere else to be seen. He enlisted his two brothers to help him. Thankfully Robert heard them when he was setting a bag down and they had only brought in about five at that time so that was good. LOL at Chris for losing his keys yet again :) I refused to give him mine while he was looking in case he lost them to! LOL.

It was nice seeing everyone at the shower, especially some cousins and aunts etc that I don't see to often! It came and went so quickly it's insane!


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