Monday, July 12, 2010


So When I called the doc office on the 5th they had a message saying that they would be gone for two weeks and we can call to make appointments on the 19. So that sucks.  I hate waiting!

I did tell mom on saturday that I am prego but haven't been to the doc yet to officially confirm it. She was pretty happy saying that there hasn't been a baby in the family in a while. So now I am pretty excited. Although I am still worried about all the crap I breathe in at work. It's something else I need to ask the doctor about. So far though it's only been my boobs getting huge and swollen and aching although today they seem to have stopped hurting so that is nice. Every once in a while I get lower stomach cramps that last maybe a minute and go away. I don't know if it's stomach cramps related to my body changing in preperation for the baby or what. Thankfully either way they don't last to long and aren't like all the time. :)


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