Friday, May 25, 2012

New Chair sittings and other rambles..

Over the last weekend we got her a foam chair with the disney fairies on it. She had been trying the last few weeks to get into her bumbo chair which really she is to big for. It's actually quite funny watching her attempt it since she would stand in it with her facing the back of the chair then try to sit down, which really doesn't work. She was starting to get really frustrated though so we decided a foam chair was in order. I showed her a few times, actually even Chris did which was really funny in itself since he doesn't even come close to fitting in it, how to get in it. Not that I tried sitting in it either but rather I turned her and then set her back into it. So of course being the big girl that she is she got out of it then faced the back, stuck one foot in there, did sort of a turn and worked her leg out from under her until she was sitting in it properly. She was so proud when she finally got in it and so cute! You can judge for yourself!

I have been very lax in writing in my journal and in my blog lately. I just never seem to have enough time to do everything I want :( So far I have had two doctors appointments, well actually I just saw the nurse both times. The first was to confirm pregnancy, the second one was to do the urine test, blood pressure, weigh in and bloodwork. He did come in to do that since she had a hard time finding my vein and was unsuccessful in getting it the first jab. Since I told her I am not good with needles and considering they had to take like 6 vials of it she just went and got him and he got it the first try. Thankfully I didn't get queasy or almost pass out like the last time I had 5 vials taken from me.

I was dissappointed that I didn't see him and he didn't check for the heart beat. I could have sworn that by this time (I am 13w6d) with monkey that my doctor back home had found it but I guess every doctor is differnet. My next appointment is the first week in june so I will actually see him, so maybe we will hear it then. He will also go over my blood work etc. So far I think I have only gained about 5-6 pounds which is good I think?


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