Tuesday, May 1, 2012

tired again..it's a pattern I think...

I'm not really looking forward to going into work tonight. I mean I keep going back and forth between if I should or not.  I definately feel better then most days so I probably will make myself. I probably will also kick my ass and regret it half way through. The shifts are so long and boring it sucks. All I want to do is stay home, relax, clean and work on my story! My birthday is next week as well which sucks :( I don't want to get a year older.

Is it the weekend yet? I'm so exhausted with all that needs to be done that nothing is getting done and that also sucks! I just want to feel okay otherwise it's going to be a really long f'n 6 months! On another note I weighed myself before taking a shower today and I was happy to see that I really haven't gained to much weight in the almost 3 months of the first trimester so that makes me really happy. I still wish I was back to my normal weight before I got prego again but at least this time I have a plan to lose the weight after this one is born and actually have the motivation to do it. I seriously really hate my under arm flab :( and why are all girl tshirts so freakin short in the sleeve department! I mean I hate the tops of my arms and unless I want to feel like big block of person wearing guys tshirts, the sleeves just show to much top arm :( you can never win!!
I know I need to stop whining.


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