Tuesday, February 5, 2013

hopefully not another nap resistor!

Little bug is actually napping in her swing! NAPPING IN HER SWING! I nursed her at around 11:20am to about 11:48am and then set her in her swing and turned it on so I could go make lunch for monkey and me. Took her a few minutes but she feel asleep! I am excited that maybe just maybe she will be way easier to get into a nap routine (when she is ready of course since I think she is still to young for one) and actually fall asleep easily by herself? I think it helps that her belly is full and she is a good nurser.
She did this yesterday as well after I fed her at 12:30 and slept in her swing while I played just dance 4 for almost an hour. She did wake up but the swing lulled her to sleep again and then at the end she did wake up and watch me.

Hopefully monkey doesn't wake her up with her loudness!!


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