Monday, July 16, 2012

Ultrasound Day!

Chris got up today and went to work for an hour or so before coming home to get me and Monkey. I was worried that he wasn't going to be able to come in at all because we had Monkey with us and in the stroller. My appointment was for 9am. I had a male technician this time which sucked because he seemed really young, indifferent and seemed to rush through it. He did show me the babies head and that the heart beat was beating. I definitely didn't feel comfortable saying anything or asking anything. He then set to work doing the stuff he needed to do. It was amazing to see of course even though most of the time it was to hard for me to tell what I was looking at. At one point he was like if you have to go to the washroom let me know. I was like I definitely am getting to that point. He was like okay it will only be a few more minutes of you can wait. Yeah more like 10! My side was starting to stitch up because I had to go so bad. Then he was like you might as well wait and I will go get your husband. SERIOUSLY!?!?!?! I guess he wouldn't understand since he will never be prego, have drank a bunch of water and have someone press on your stomach for a long ass time! GRR. So he got Chris who barely even got to look at the screen before it was over. He did see the baby but then monkey started crying and he bent down to sooth her and when he looked up the technician had switched the screen off. So I was disappointed for him. I know they don't have all day long but still. Chris said he saw the baby though and seemed happy.

I do have a rant though since we did not want to find out the sex of the baby. At one point he told me to look away from the screen since he was going to check the sex and sometimes it's really obvious what it is. So I looked away sort of seething. I'm sorry what part of I don't want to know don't you understand? Why do they have the right to check and record it even though we don't want to know? It's my baby and my body. I'm the parent and I should have a say in what you check? Maybe it's just common practice or it's necessary to make sure everything is okay but I still feel like my rights have been violated somehow. Maybe it's just me but it pissed me off to no end. I guess when I see my OBGYN I can ask him why they check even if you don't want to know. Like what happens if we go to our appointment and he is like 'congrats I see your having a boy/girl". I hope that doesn't happen because then I really will be mad. The technician only saw one baby in there but in the back of my mind for some reason I keep thinking two. He really didn't check around either so who knows. I'm sure it's just all in my head but I feel and look sooo huge already! Plus with the internet I have read lots of stories of people who had a twin missed until they measured large all of a sudden closer to their 30th week.

I was super tired today and unfortunately I still had to go to work which I was not looking forward to. It's only Monday to and the weekend is a long time from now!


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