Sunday, July 15, 2012

Another busy day

We headed out to Costco before monkeys nap again to get some groceries today. We really need to cut back on how much we spend on groceries each week. Just not sure how to do that. I guess set a budget and figure out what we need and stick to it. I love their fruit there though and we got more chicken like we got the time before which was really good and lasted a few meals. We really didn't buy to much junk and it still was crazy expensive. Albeit more money but cheaper with the quantity we got of the things we did purchase. I don't believe everything there is a better price however so I always have to watch. 

The rest of the day was pretty relaxing. The TV stand looks really good. It wasn't to bad to put together and all that worry about finding one with a door that was clear and monkey never bothered with it and Chris accidentally left it open all day long (it's a slide door). Oh well it looks good and neater then before and there is room for all the Wii stuff and our DVD/TV shows.

The couch and chair area looks so much better with that end table by the chair. It actually looks comfy to sit and read their now. Since the lamp is sitting on the end table again, although it probably needs a light bulb in it. The front room looks way bigger to. It sucks that the weekend went by as fast as it did. I hate being super exhausted all the time as well. Usually all the things we have to do just thinking about them exhausts me and then the weekend goes by really fast.  But I have the ultra sound to look forward to since its been 21 weeks and I haven't heard the heart beat at all yet!


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