Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Doc appointment

Today I had my final doc appointment with my family Doc. Well that was only because I couldn't get into the OBGYN until the first week in August. Anyways today when we went there I was sort of grumpy because all prior visits I only saw the nurse who checked my blood pressure, urine and weight. Today though he had a in training nurse practitioner with him and she actually used the doplar to listen to the heart beat! So I FINALLY got to hear it. I was so excited when she told me to get up on the table.  I had my ultrasound yesterday and saw the it was beating but that was about it. So I was super happy to hear it. She said that the beat was about 150. According to the old wives tale does that make it a boy? I'm also carrying this one much higher since my belly is sticking wayyy out! I have already been in mat clothes for awhile now as apposed to with monkey where I was just telling work at this point that I was preggers. Albeit I was 30 pounds lighter when I conceived Monkey then with baby bean #2. Still it was super exciting to hear the little ones heart beat! So that was a relief. She also measured me and said it measured around 19-20 weeks. She didn't seem concerned and said that that was normal for around where I am at. So that is good. I am 21 weeks 3 days. So pretty close.

Also to my delight and surprise when we were heading over there Monkey just started saying MOMMY repetitively in the backseat! Sooo freaking cute! So happy she finally is saying it. She has been saying daddy for a long time now. I love that little girl so much. It's so hard to go to work every night! I miss her so much and worry about sometime happening to her when I am not there. I hate to think what I am going to be like when she is older! I just have to keep thinking 3 months until I am off at least for a year. I don't think I want to go back to work after the year is up, not until they are both in school at least but it depends on the money situation. Maybe if I needed to and did not want to work full time I could always find a part time job or something. That is too far in the future to think about right now I am just trying to get through the last months of work! Its' so freaking hot in there and I am so tired all the time. Heat and tiredness makes for a long night. Today is supposed to be the worst to. Chance of thunderstorms all day and night, temps that feel like over 40 yuck! I can't wait until summer is over and I can hide under my sweater again!


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