Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10:52 pm
(written at work)

I really didn't want to come to work tonight again but that really isn't abnormal. It's so hard to leave home to come here. I keep trying to tell myself it's only 3 months or less, but it just seems so freaking far away still. I then try to think of how many months that have past since I came back to work (almost 6) and that July is almost over. If I think of it that way time has really gone by fast! 

I'm just so tired all the time and the heat doesn't help at all. I will be glad when it gets cooler out again. My back is already killing me at work but thankfully there is an old office chair that I switch to when that happens and it helps since I can lean back. Just all the lifting has me worried. I avoid it when I can but I can't always. I guess it is just something I have to ask the doc when I see him in a few weeks. There is just so much at home that I want to get done. I always seem to get the motivation to do it around the time I have to go to work since during the day I am so tired and sleepy. 

Chris told me one night he fell asleep on the floor, which is bad and I hate when he does that,  but woke up a few minutes later and monkey was in her laundry/toy basket. That is so hilarious. He said he took her out and she just went back in there twice more. The same way she does getting on the couch or sitting in her chair. He said he got a few good pictures of her which I can't wait to see. 

That is just another reason I wish I was at home at night so he can take a nap (or me) if he needs to. Three more months with a few three day weekends sprinkled in there and a week off in August. I can't wait! It is almost home time here as well thank god!


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