Saturday, July 14, 2012

A busy Saturday!

We tried to get our running around done before Monkey went for her nap today which meant unfortunately for me I had to get up earlier then I would have on weekend. It's the only time I can catch up on my sleep and Chris has been nice enough to get up with her every weekend so I can do so. Usually we would wait to go out until after her nap which is usually right after lunch. Sometimes she is stubborn and it takes her more then an hour to pass out even when she is clearly really tired and then will sleep for 1 -2 hours. So by the time we get ready and get her ready it's probably already between 3 or 4pm. It's not relaxing since we sort of have to rush if we have more then one place to go and since most places on the weekend close at 6pm it's even more of a mad dash to make sure we get everywhere we need to. I hate having to go back out on Sunday. It just makes the weekend go by way to fast.

So we left around 10am and went to Bonnie Togs because I really wanted to get her this cute bathing suit that I saw the last time we were there. It's a two piece. I didn't get it the last time because we already have one for her but after Canada Day and being on the beach I realized it's actually really hard to change her swim diaper in a one piece. Since we are going to my sister's house soon for moms bday celebration I thought a two piece would be easier (they have a pool). This time though it was on sale so that was nice. I wished the towel dress for after swimming was still there but they were all sold out of her size. A towel will work just as well I guess.

After that we headed to CanadianTtire to get a few things that were on sale.We actually found a TV stand that we had looked at before (Chris really didn't like it before) but looking at it again it wasn't so bad. It was on sale also which was the main reason we went to look at it again. We also got some glass "sandwich" container bowls that are microwaveable and dishwasher safe since we really don't like using our plastic containers for reheating food and they are starting to look gunky anyways. We also got a can opener since the two we have suck, this was also on sale.  We also got a life jacket for monkey as well. We looked at a lot of water things and finally decided on a life jacket since it's purpose is to save lives in water. Like if she fell into the pool it would turn her so her head wasn't underwater. That makes me a happy mommy since I worry about that since she loves water. We were looking at the baby gates but monkey was getting cranky and inpatient being stuck sitting in the cart. It stresses me out when she gets like that so we headed to the check out. We did spend like $200 bucks but saved like $200-$300 since everything was on sale. After that we headed home where monkey had lunch and then went down for a nap.

I purchased Elder Scrolls Skyrim finally since it was on sale on steam for 50% off. I like those types of games and since I have been really bored of Warcraft lately. I haven't logged into the game to play in a long time. At least Skyrim is a one time fee and I can play it for years to come if I wanted to and it won't cost me. Wow is subscription based so around $15 bucks a month really sucks, especially since Chris also plays that game. I think we might be cancelling our subscription anyways since we both don't play anymore. Unfortunately I still have it till October since I did the year commitment to get a few in game items and Diablo 3 for free. I see Skyrim is launching an online game next year that looks really good. So maybe that will be my new MMO. Diablo is okay but I hate how it's so linear where you can only go down a certain path where in Skyrim (and in Warcraft) you can go anywhere on the map and also I hate how the game only saves at check points or if you transition from one area to another if not you lose your exploration progress and anything you killed/cleared will be back again next time you log in. You don't lose your xp or inventory but with monkey I can't just play until I get a check point before I go get her from her nap say, so I really don't play it that often. I can however play with Chris though if I wanted to. He has already beaten the game on like three different difficulty settings.

We also ordered Chinese food for supper since it was our 3rd year wedding anni on the 11th. I was at work that night so we couldn't celebrate then. I was so hungry by the time it got here but it was soooo good and monkey seemed to like it to. There was also lots of leftovers which is the best! All in all a really busy Saturday!


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