Thursday, June 7, 2012

BabyBelly #2: 15.4 weeks

My belly part way through week 15. Almost half way there! It looks smaller here then it did last week for some reason but it might be becasuse I am wearing black?

I saw these questions on other blogs with the prego belly shots and I thought it was an awesome idea! Wish I would have thought to do that before. :)

How Far Along? 15 weeks and 4 days.

Weight Gain/Loss: I think so far I have gained about 10 pounds which really scares me! I don't want to gain as much as I did with monkey (50 pounds) and I still had 30 to lose when I got prego with #2. So I am battling image issues since being pregnant doesn't help with the feeling like a fat whale all the time. Summer also doesn't help because I can't hide in my sweater :(

Feeling?  I have good days and bad days. Some I feel totally exhausted but I don't get to bed until 12:30am at the earliest and having to get up with monkey in the morning doesn't help. I am a person that needs a lot of sleep. I have been napping on the couch when she naps so that helps a bit. My back is already starting to hurt all the time though and I am not even halfway there yet!

Maternity Clothes: I bought maternity clothes a few weeks back and have been wearing them all the time now. My jeans still fit but some were getting snug and my belt would dig into the bottom of my belly and since I started showing way earlier then I did with Monkey and it being hot and summery out I decided to make the switch sooner then I wanted to. It was worth it though since its more comfortable on the baby belly.

Sleep: I sleep when I can but work late and get up early. It is tough but I am looking forward to maternity leave and hopefully I will be able to go on it as soon as I can. Less then 4 months away!

Food Cravings: No food cravings yet!

Movement? I have felt no movement yet. Can't wait for that feeling again though!

What I miss? Being able to fit into my clothes! and being able to work my butt off when I felt like working out!

Best moments this week: Watching monkey jibber jabber and walk around all day long. Also the moments when she lets me cuddle her on my lap! She never wanted to be held for very long but there have been a few moments when she will sit on my lap for a few minutes.

What am I looking forward to? Being off of work, being able to stay home with Monkey and Chris at night and holding my new baby in my arms! I wish I could skip the whole labour and delivery part! Well and the growing a baby phase to!

Next appointement: Not to sure yet since my doctor just sent the papers to the baby delivery doctor. So we will see when they call me and book my next one. Probably not for another month anyways.

Milestones: being 15 weeks I finally made it out of the first trimester. So my risk of miscarrage has gone down a lot!

Gender: we are going to keep this one a surprise!


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