Thursday, June 7, 2012

Doctor's appointment (baby#2)

I had my last doctors appointment with my family doctor today. I saw the nurse first who checked my blood pressure and urine. Everything was fine. She also went through my blood work and said everything looked good but they found that I would need a booster shot after the baby is born because I am not protected against Rubella or one of those. I can't remember exactly which one it was.  I found that shocking since why wouldn't they have found that in my blood the last time I was pregnant? I guess different testing place since the last time I still had my family doctor back home until we found this one here. Good they found it I guess. Other then that everything was good. I then went to another room and talked to my doctor. He just basically asked if I had any concerns and told me that just do what you feel you can and don't do anything you feel you shouldn't. I had asked him about overheating and lifting since I do some lifting at work (although I avoid it when I can) and now that its getting to be summer temperatures it's getting insanely hot in there!. He reassured me that I would be fine.

We also asked him about Monkey since I noticed that her smaller toes are starting to curl a bit, but she seems to walk okay. She isn't walking on her tip toes or anything. I was just worried it was because she walks around without shoes on most of the time. Can you believe that the weekend before we did try to find her some runners at Walmart but they had none in her size! The rest were all sandals or dress shoes. I was looking for sturdy soles without open toes because she does seem to trip on her sandals sometimes. He wasn't concerned about them and said that don't let anyone talk you into getting expensive shoes for your child because they say you need them. We also asked him about her head and ear scratching. I was afraid that she had an ear infection but recently she started scratching her head more as well. She always seemed to be picking at her ears but it's more scratching the backs of them. He said she has a bit of eczema and to try using aveeno baby soap and to dab a bit of 1% cortisone creme on any bad spots (I think it was that) and to put petroleum jelly on the backs of her ears after a bath to help lock in moisture so her skin doesn't dry out. I have noticed that she still seems to have scales on her head. So I have to research how to help that I guess. At least her hair covers them up since they look horrid and are like a yellowy colour.

I am disappointed again that he didn't use the doppler to listen for the heart beat. I am getting anxious to hear the baby's heart to know that the little tyke or tykes are okay or alive even. He is sending my files over to the ob-gyn that I had before so hopefully they call soon so I know when I go in again. I'm assuming it won't be for another month. I do have my ultra sound next month so I can't wait for that. LOL for some reason I have myself convinced I am having twins even though I really don't see why I think that. Maybe cause I was showing earlier then my last although I have read that you do show faster the second time then your first. Either way I just want reassurance that the baby is okay! I can't wait to feel movements but have felt nothing yet.

My doctor said he should rethink when he refers patients to the ob-gyn since they get to do all the fun stuff (listen to the heart, measure the uterus). lol I am so glad we found this doctor because both me and Chris really like him. 


  1. My little one has eczema but he has it horrible. None of the Aveeno stuff worked for him. In the bath he just has to soak. No soaps or shampoos. For his head he has the scales also but nothing I have found works. He had to switch our laundry detergents, had to give our dog away. We had to make huge changes just to get his under control. He still has huge flare ups at times when he is stressed (cutting a tooth or sick)when other people visit and hold him. He flares up because of the detergent on their clothes. Its a mess.

    1. aww your poor little one. Hopefully it is something he outgrows! We did have a flair up before but it was on her back and the aveeno seemed to help. when we ran out of that we just went back to the J&J stuff. We got more aveeno and we both noticed that she has been scratching her head and ears less frequently so I guess its working. Baby eczema is not fun :(


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