Tuesday, June 19, 2012

15 month needle

Monkey had her 15 month vaccine today. Thankfully I was reading and checking off the development list when she started giving it to her. I did look up when monkey started to cry. It's so horrible seeing her in pain :( but after a few sucks on a sucker and some milk she was okay. I'm so glad that Chris was the one to hold onto her when she gave it. He said after that it seemed like she had to push really hard to get it in the back of her arm. The next vaccine is in 3 more months :( To think I will have to go through this again with the new little one.

She also weighed her and she weighed in at 10.8kg which is 23.8 pounds. I still need to measure her length though since the nurse didn't do that. She also gave us a bottle of infant Tylenol and Advil which surprised me and a coupon for $3 bucks off another bottle of liquid infant Tylenol.

I have a friend who is a month ahead of me in her pregnancy and I was shocked when she told me that after talking to a friend of hers and doing her own research she was not going to vaccinate her child. I have mixed feelings about that and frankly I was shocked that there was even the option or that people actually don't! I always thought it was mandatory for your child to go to school. She said that she is hesitant in telling people because it is controversial and while I'm still not sure I agree with her. I'll still be vaccinating my second baby and any other children that me and Chris have.

So now I am curious, have any of you decided against vaccination? What made you decide against it? What are your thoughts on to vaccinate or to not?


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