Sunday, June 24, 2012

Visitors :)

Visitors: Grandma, Aunt Tammy, Missy and Steph come to visit.

My sister messaged me on Facebook yesterday to ask what we were up to on Sunday. She said that she thought mum was going through Monkey withdrawal. :) So they came up to visit us on Sunday along with Missy and Steph. It was a nice visit. Unfortunately Monkey didn't get put down for her nap at the normal time so she was cranky by mid afternoon. She surprised us since she was climbing around on the couch and climbed onto mums lap (I think she was actually trying to get to the end of the couch) but ended up cuddling and then falling asleep! I think that mum rocking her back and forth helped with that a lot. It was the cutest thing ever! She is pretty stubborn and will not fall asleep anywhere but her crib (or the car if she is really tired). Chris was even able to transport her from my mums arms to her crib without waking her up. Poor little thing. We got a picture of her passed out even though it wasn't the greatest shot. We love our little monkey.


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