Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Last night we handed out candy with monkey. We didn't bother taking her around considering she is only 7.5 months old and has no need for candy. Although we were considering it just to introduce ourselves to the neighbors except it was really FREAKING cold out. So we opted out this year. We did dress her in her monkey costume though and she had fun looking at all the little kids who came to the door. We had about 36 kids. There really wasn't to many duplicate costumes which was great to see and I am shocked that each and every kid that came to the door said thank you! I don't know why I expected them not to but it was a nice surprise. This is our first Halloween in the house so we haven't really handed out candy before. The apartment we used to live in handed out candy but they did it themselves. We also didn't really get to many older kids and no teenagers/high schoolers so that was also good. It was a good night although we found out that our house layout is awkward to hand out candy from. We can't sit in our great room and watch tv until we get a knock on the door because then we have to run to the front of the house and then down our stairs. So we sort of hovered in our hallway at the top (it's an elevated house so we have a short set of stairs to the main floor and the basement with a small landing as you come into the house).

Monkey's bedtime is usually around 6:30pm but because of the knocking and door bell ringing and because her room is at the front she stayed up until around 7:30pm when she passed out with a bottle. She was entertained by all the kids though so it wasn't like she was too grumpy. By the time she passed out though we hadn't had anyone come for 10 mins so that was the end of our night. Next year I want to decorate the house a bit more then just three pumpkins on the stoop. We did turn our outside lights on as well so that the kids would know that we were handing out candy. That is what most of the people down the street did as well.

Love the attitude!

A monkey in a monkey suit with a....monkey!


  1. OMG what amazing pictures of your little one, i absolutely love that Monkey suit!

  2. @Ben - Thanks for stopping by! I know she looks so cute! LOL I wish she could wear it for more then a day.

  3. What a sweet little monkey! Just wait until next year, she will have a blast. I made sure to have my little guys say thank you, but I wasn't sure if most kids would- nice to know manners are still taught these days! :)


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