Saturday, May 28, 2011


The breast feeding thing is stressful again. I honestly don't know what to do. Two days ago I went to bed with a really bad plugged duct on the right. Actually it almost felt like the whole top side was blocked. It hurt like hell. I tried nursing her on that side and then was worried that the other side felt like it was plugging up to but thankfully it didn't. Anyways since it was later in the night when I felt the blockage she was to sleepy to nurse which sucked. I was worried about going to bed with it plugged because waking up four hours later I might be in so much pain. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Unfortunately she didn't unplug it until sometime in the afternoon of the next day. I had used warm compresses a bit before I fed her and we just got comfy on the couch and she ate. Thankfully I felt relief eventually. But seriously I am getting sick of this crap. I even tried pumping a few times to hopefully loosen the blockage. Well all that I did must have worked since it's gone.

I think the shield is to big for the pump though since I've tried everything to help with the suction. Actually it might have worked a bit because I think it's better but I still run it at the highest setting and I don't think it's the greatest. I still was able to get about an 1oz out after feeding her, so it's sort of working. Yesterday we went to the store in the crappy mall because I knew they had different sizes. Unfortunately they had every size but the size I needed. So now I have to call around and figure out where to get it. I hope this solves the problem though, but in the mean time at least I can still pump milk out. It's nice to have that option especially when we are away from the house for more then a few hours.

Seriously though today she is really cranky and fussy. I feel like every five mins she is back on the boob. I don't know if I can do this anymore. I don't even know if the herbs are making a difference anymore but I don't want to stop taking them until Thurs or Fri next week so that when and if it goes to shit again it will be on the weekend and Chris will be here to help me. It's just really frustrating. I have no idea what to do. GRRR. Why can't it just be freaking easy for me? After all that I went through I don't want to stop then all that worry and stress would be for nothing but at the same time is it worth it? Well in the long run for her it is but for me? I don't know. She could possibly be going through a growth spurt maybe. Although it's a few weeks until she is three months though. It's possible or does she just need a freaking nap! She is stubborn about going to sleep! :( ahhhhh


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