Saturday, May 21, 2011

needle fun...not :(

So putting the patches on wasn't as bad as I thought, although her legs were pretty small for the area it had to cover. I sort of freaked out earlier in the day when I read the instructions and it said not to use under 3 months unless instructed by a doctor nor to use more then one at a time. So I ended up calling the doctor office to ask. The receptionist said she never heard of not using two and she had a two month old in the other day with two on. So I just went with it. I was still hesitant but I didn't know what to expect.

We got there and she weighed her. She was only 11lbs 10z which was down from the weekend but that is because at the hospital they weighed her with her clothes and diaper on and she was 12 lbs there so yeah. She also measured her and her head but I didn't get a chance to catch those numbers so I will have to do that myself this weekend sometime so I have a record of it. Unfortunately when she moved the wooden measuring thing it banged shut and it must have started Monkey because she started wailing! I never heard her cry that hard or loud before and nothing either of us could do would make her stop crying. I was sitting there thinking, 'OH great she hasn't even had her shots yet!'. Her screams were so loud! Even her soother didn't help at all. The doctor checked her over and went and got the needles. I don't think she liked him taking the stickers off. I couldn't really see what was going on since I was behind the doctor (the table thing she was on was against the other wall).

Chris said he didn't think she noticed the first needle because she was in the middle of a cry. She might have noticed the second one. It was hard to tell since she was crying already anyways. She sort of calmed down once we got her dressed and in the stroller, although Chris had to drive her around the office while I was booking the next appointment for her four month shots. She also gave me a immunization card to show what she had done today.

I tried to ask the doctor a few questions but it was hard to hear him. I did ask if she would have any problems with the shots. He said she shouldn't and that we could give her Tylenol  for pain if she has any. I also asked about her non peeing for long periods over night but he wasn't concerned about that. I wanted to ask about switching to formula but it was hard to hear and concentrate anyways with the screaming. I had found online one of the formula sites had a chart of how to switch to formula anyways. 

So that night she seemed alright. There might have been more crying then normal but for the most part she wasn't to bad. I just fed her often when she just wouldn't stop crying. Well I guess it wasn't to many more times then normal. She slept last night for 6-7 hours again! Then slept again for 3-4 hours after I fed her at 4 in the morning. Crazy! I almost worry sometimes because she doesn't get up. I had to wake her up both times though to eat! It might have been because it was warm in there though.

It's warm in the house today. Around 85! That is the highest I have ever seen it. I put monkey in the cute little outfit that Tammy and the girls got her (the onsie with the giraffe on it and the polka dotted diaper cover so she would be cooler). She looks so cute!!

We might go for a walk today although with it being this hot I have no idea what to wear and I don't want to feel huge nor overheat out in the sun. I really can't wait to get rid of the rest of the prego weight! geeez!


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