Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Right now I am aiming to at least bf monkey until the 6 month mark. It is going all right currently. She isn't taking as long and seems content when she is done (usually between 20-30 mins) but still eats every 1.5-2 hours. The only time she goes three is when she takes a nap. She's napping right now in her swing. The second day in a row that she went down for a nap! sweet. That makes for a less than cranky baby later on in the night. I need to get her sheets etc washed for the crib so at afternoon nap time I can put her down in there. I need to get used to her not being in the same room as me. Mom suggested I use the crib for her nap time so when we put her in there at night it wouldn't be so hard. She really needs to start sleeping in her crib at night because she is getting to big for the cradle. She sprawls out in there and sometimes whacks her hands off the side, not hard but it usually wakes her up. Of course when we move around it also startles her as well. It is just going to be soooo hard

:( I'm sure the first few nights or so I won't get any sleep at all, and of course waking up to feed her in the middle of the night will suck as well since I will have to basically wake up completely by the time I go into her room etc. Then again maybe she will sleep till the morning if she is in her own room. Right now she sleeps for at least 4-5 hours and then 3 hours after I feed her. Which is so nice. But the weird thing is I find myself more tired then I was when I had to get up every few hours to feed her. I don't know why that is. Maybe it just has to do with the warm weather? She seems to be currently napping which is a good thing :) Usually she wakes up 5 mins later.


So much for her napping. It's pretty windy here today, a little bit ago a big gust of wind made either the stove or laundry room vent clank really loud and startled her awake. I left her to see if she would fall back asleep but after about ten mins she started crying. I was hoping the swing would put her back to sleep but no such luck. I had to feed her again right after since she wouldn't stop crying and she did seem hungry. Now she is content thankfully. :)


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