Tuesday, May 10, 2011


3:25 pm

Wow monkey was in a screaming fit about 30 mins ago. I had no idea why. I changed her diaper which had a small pee in it and I put a pair of jammies on her since she was just in a onsie (although I did have a blanket over her) thinking maybe she was to cold. That wasn't it. I didn't think it was because she was hungry since I last fed her about an 1 - 1.5 hours before that. Since I really didn't know what else it could be I tried to feed her anyway.She latched on and got a few let downs then feel asleep. Once I delatched her I put her in her swing which is were she is right now. So I don't know if she was tired or what. But holy crap I hate hearing her cry like that. It doesn't happen to often though but geez. Makes me feel like I didn't feed her long enough the time before or that I don't have enough milk for her. I know that that is common fear among first time moms but still!! No one wants to hear there child scream like that. At least she is asleep now. Although I still doubt that she ate enough. I hope she doesn't wake up screaming again because she realizes she is hungry still. Guess I will find out. The weird thing is she was happy before she started freaking out! She was all smiles and looking around. Yesh!


omg she is finally not screaming. I thought she was okay earlier but she woke up and just started again. So after trying to feed her again a few times, checking her diaper and putting pj's on her instead of her onsie and back into her swing I think she is okay. She was all smiles when I was changing her so I think she just is tired or something. Thank god for the swing. She didn't want me to hold her that's for sure, which makes me sad. It's nice to cuddle with her. So the swing is working instead. I'm glad Chris is almost home. I need even five minutes to myself where I don't have to run to her if she starts crying or whatever. Well unless she is hungry, LOL Chris can't do anything about that!


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