Monday, May 9, 2011


Mom and Aunt E came up today. Mom brought me a big box of clothes that one of my Aunt's relatives was getting rid of. I can't remember who from exactly but since she wasn't going to have any more kids she was just going to sell this stuff at a yard sale, when my aunt said I'll see if Krissy would want/need it. So she had contacted mom who said of course! All the stuff in there is so cute and in really good shape. So ugh! another bunch of clothes to go through,wash,organize and put away. Still trying to do that with all the other clothes that we have gotten from before :) It's okay though all the cute girly stuff we got is cute to look at. I really can't wait till it's warmer out and we can start putting her in cute little dresses. The box amongst other stuff, has the cutest little bikini for her and another little cute bathing suit! Also tons of cute little shoes! :)

Aunt E also got some cute stuff for monkey. A really nice bear with photo frame and some cute little dresses (and socks! we had no socks). Mom bought me some new lamp shades for the lamps in the front room, for me for my birthday. We really needed them badly since the two we had were pretty stained and horrible looking! So it's nice that there are brand new ones :) They look pretty good and fit perfect to! Mom also got monkey another outfit and some socks. She said she couldn't resist when she saw it. It was pink of course, a little pant and t-shirt set that had ballerina stuff on it. So cute. I think Monkey will definitely have to go into ballet/dance along with other sports when she is old enough. I can give her my old ballet and pointe shoes when she does.

It was a nice visit :) Nice to have company through the week because I go crazy sometimes being here all day long by myself. I did have to leave them for about a half hour at one point to feed her but I knew they understood. It was great to see them and to be able to show Aunt E the new house.


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