Friday, May 20, 2011

baby's first needles...

So last night I had the baby eat off the right side more and finally after a lot of massaging and warm compresses it started to drain! Mucho relief since it was basically the whole top of my breast. I HATE PLUGGED DUCTS! Seriously they are starting to annoy me. I have no idea what I did to cause this one. I'm just glad that it went away mosty. It's not 100% gone but could you imagine what it would have been like in the middle of the night! I would have had to wake the baby to eat instead of letting her sleep until she woke up!!

Last night she slept from 12:30 to about 7! Which was super nice! Except I had to check her a few times to make sure she was breathing :( but I think that is me being paranoid. She also went the whole night without peeing AGAIN. UGH. I'm sure the flood gates will open soon though. It just reminded me that I have to mention it to the doctor today. At least when she has done it, it's only at night time so maybe she just is good at holding it or something. That would be nice if it meant she was easy to potty train. But seriously she had so much milk from the right side once the plugged areas let go I thought she would have had a super soaker this morning. The only thing about today is I have to remember to put on the emla patches around 2:40! So they will be ready for when he does his needles. Ugh I am not looking forward to that and I just want it to be over with!


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